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[ANY] Korean IME

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    Korean IME which converts qwerty inputs to correct korean letters for some situations that you cannot input korean directly.
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    <Korean IME>


    some times, korean users cannot type korean in their game client due to some input method editor`s bug. it rarely happens and users just can restart game or it just gets fixed, but however sometimes, that kind of bug hurts users. If you are a server owner, problem gets a little bit bigger than that, because server owners cannot type korean in server if the server is running in GUI mode or GUI mode, if the machine is windows machine. however, if you user this plugin, it will convert a chat that begins with defined chat trigger into a korean type, so that you can type korean even in case you cannot actually use korean IME.


    this plugin needs the things listed below to work:
    • sourcemod and metamod


    to install this plugin
    • put the smx file in the sourcemod/plugins folder

    to compile this plugin manually
    • put sp file in the sourcemod/scripting folder
    • compile.


    to config this plugin, see the automatically generated cvar config file in the cfg/sourcemod/ folder.

    Known Bugs & Limits Of the Mod

    This plugin can show odd sideeffects with other plugins that do something with chat of client.

    Special Thanks To

    i want to say thanks to these guys
    • someone whom will get interested on my plugin and use this.

    Change Log

    Date format used in this list is year/month/day.
    update at 2017 10 6(ver 
    • released
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (KoreanIME.sp - 274 views - 18.0 KB)

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    thank you!
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