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[ L4D2 ] Convert Temp Health to Permanent

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Old 12-08-2018 , 04:25   [ L4D2 ] Convert Temp Health to Permanent
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For anyone who uses health regeneration systems that affect the survivor team, there exists consistent issues caused simply by the existence of temporary health. I'm wondering would there be anyway to make items like pills, adrenaline and being revived give you permanent health instead of temp with configurable cvars. These are the issues that would be fixed if this was to be created.

1. Temporary health ticking counts as damage, which often cancels health regeneration.

2. Temporary health sometimes overheals a player after regeneration, resulting in unreasonable survivor health like 134 or etc. Similar to the underwater health bug.

3. Temporary health is not always understood correctly by bots, which will in turn cause them to waste items over it.

4. Possibility of freeing some resource usage due to tickrate only being used on incapped survivors.

5. Configurable cvar could allow low permanent health healing cvars which would bring back old plugins such as pills addiction and allow pills to be more spammable for overdose effects.

If you're bored and have nothing to do, i'm sure this idea being made a reality would help quite a few servers ; including mine.
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