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How to UNLOCK the crosshair?

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Old 05-13-2018 , 07:37   How to UNLOCK the crosshair?
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Hey guys newbie here, dunno if it's the right place to post this tho. If not I'll appreciate the Moderation moves to rigth place in onder to reach more people.

In CS, LOOK/VIEW changes as you move your aim/crosshair. Some shooter games have a unlocked/free crosshair which you can aim freely within your FOV. So, Is there a way or MOD to adapt this unlocked crosshair system in Counter-Strike by any chance ?

WHY this >> I am prototyping a PC-VR hardware and since VR headsets and VR enabled PCs are quiet expensive thus I will try to adapt VR-like features to existing PC games. But increasing immersivity is essential. Aiming where you looking at is not so good. I want to seperate look and aim. It will work like you play with 2 mice, 1 for look and 1 for aim.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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