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Who Made the Original "scoutzknivez" Map? [CS 1.5/1.6]

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Old 03-17-2023 , 16:00   Who Made the Original "scoutzknivez" Map? [CS 1.5/1.6]
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A couple years ago I discovered that the classic scoutzknivez map is authorless. It doesn't have the creator's name anywhere in the level and I've never seen the map included with .txt file.

Are there any folks here who know the original author of scoutzknivez?

The Way Back Machine doesn't provide much information on the subject. So my investigation has led me to asking around instead.

I've posted on Gamebanana, Reddit and several Discord servers about the subject but no one has an answer yet.

Here are some of the people I've ruled out as the creator:

Wouter (daylife) the creator of de_aimcenter.
Diablo the creator of sa_treetops.

Potential people who might have created it:

"RD" or "RealDespair" and "PIT" or "PIT2" the false author of fy_iceworld.
"Wout" or "Wouter Mesker".
"Paranoidkirb" the creator of the TFC version of scoutzknivez for ImpulseTFC.

Places/people I've asked about scoutzknivez so far:

Tyler McVicker (Valve News Network)
Counter-Strike Beta 6.1 Discord
The Counter-Strike subreddit

Here's some more information that might help you if you'd like to help with the investigation:

We discovered that wad paths for the .bsp are from the Sierra directory so this might indicate its release time frame of around 2000-2002~.

There is an uncommon .wad used called "cb1.wad". Has anyone seen this .wad before? Could it stand for "csbanana" or the author's initials? Or a clan tag?

My sources from Reddit claim that scoutzknivez wasn't the original map and that there were older designs from the same author out there. Does anyone know of similar maps as scoutzknivez from the retail era of CS?

One source claims there's a map by the author with a truck in the middle. Our hope is to track down similar maps that may give us a clue to the original author.

My Mapcore post had a user claim "RD" made scoutzknivez, but I'm on the fence about the claim as RD pranked the CS community for years about making fy_iceworld. The original author was a 15 year old Taiwanese kid named "FantasY" hence why the prefix of iceworld is "fy_".

There is a CS:GO scoutzknivez server where OG clan members hang out that might have information.

Please PM if you want more elaboration on this subject.

I want to preserve the history of CS so this subject is important to me. It should also be highlighted as Valve has taken the fundamental elements of the map and adopted it in their Flying Scoutsman game mode for CS:GO. I think the original author should be praised for this creation.
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Old 03-17-2023 , 18:28   Re: Who Made the Original "scoutzknivez" Map? [CS 1.5/1.6]
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I am curious as well. Hopefully will have some news regarding some of the original author(s) in the coming weeks.
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Old 03-18-2023 , 20:41   Re: Who Made the Original "scoutzknivez" Map? [CS 1.5/1.6]
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thank me l8r

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Old 03-19-2023 , 06:44   Re: Who Made the Original "scoutzknivez" Map? [CS 1.5/1.6]
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I wouldn't trust an AI as a source
Asking the same question resulted in "Luke" as the author.
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