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[hl.exe/hl2.exe]: Keyboard/Mouse Mailfunction Solutions. (Ex: Spinning pc mouse's)

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Old 08-12-2017 , 11:07   [hl.exe/hl2.exe]: Keyboard/Mouse Mailfunction Solutions. (Ex: Spinning pc mouse's)
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Hello there community,
for anybody who is having problems with there mouse or keyboard,
here are new solution's to solve it, the solution's where tested by myself several times,
if you do have any problems with your mouse or keyboard,
then i suggest you to read this thread as it may brighten up your gaming life ;)

Well, Here is some common information that maybe usefull for you:
-Counter Strike 1.6,
-Most versions,

(Version v6 up to Version v72 are tested and work so far)
-All official Patches,
-All Populair Gamemode plugins of amxmodx, just in case.

(Ex: ZombiePlague, GunGame, Etc)

And here are the Solutions to this terrible Mouse Spinning problem's for you:
(may solve keyboard problems aswel!)
A recording of me, showing the mouse spinning problem,
(The software is called: "Synergy", for sharing Mouse & Keyboard on multiple systems)

Link: Youtube.

-First i show off the game without the "Synergy" Software.
-Then i show you how the game responds to the "Synergy" Software thats running.
-And at last i started the game first, then while i was playing on a map,
i'l turned on the "Synergy" Software and resume'd my game.

Well, there you go, that is 1 of probably several problems counter strike 1.6 is sensitive too,
here are some other solution's you can attempt, these solution's may not help you out,
but may help you out anyways:

-Remote Software/Hardware;
If this mouse spinning continuesly spins,
then check if there is a remote service running on your computer,
for example: RDC - Remote Desktop Connection, Synergy,
or any software that make's it possible to use any kind of remote control (as in: client & server),
and disable these remote service's,
then check if your mouse spinning problems are solved for your counter strike 1.6,
or maybe any hl.exe & hl2.exe game.
-Related Emulating or Manipulating Software/Hardware;
If the solution above did not work at all,
Then for Graphic Card's (Example: Nvidia, AMD, ATI, etc..) check if you have any service and/or driver that can emulate or manipulate your mouse or keyboard,
if this is the case, try to disable, block, or stop this setting or service from doing that,
and then check if your able to play counter strike 1.6 again, or maybe any hl.exe & hl2.exe games,
otherwise if it was not any of your Graphic card's then check if you have any other 'Users' on your system/network that could get access to any service/hardware,
if that's the case, then check or ask that person what he is doing at the point he is able to use a 'User' profile on your computer,
and determine by his/her action's that he/she can't manipulate your mouse or keyboard in any way possible,
if that is also not the case, then i recommend you to check if your hardware is correctly set-up and/or has no faults or failure's, error's,
etc in it and also check if you don't have any mouse or keyboard software that may change anything to your hardware (so your mouse, keyboard, graphic cards, etc..)

Am i missing a detail?..
Alright, so far the information go's,
this is what i gathered myself and know so far about the problems for counter strike 1.6,
and probably all hl.exe & hl2.exe games aswel.
Any other possible fixe's, solution's, and stuff you know/got you can answer aswel,
feel free to do that, it could always help a little!.. ;)

I am new to these forum's, so if there are problems or something,
could you be gentle and may respond of what ive done wrong, thanks in advance!.


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