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Remove slow down when player hurt

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Old 01-27-2018 , 05:53   Re: Remove slow down when player hurt
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You can also try Infinity-Jumping approach: prehook player_hurt and then
SetEntPropFloat(client, Prop_Send, "m_flVelocityModifier", 1.0);
Idk if it works right now in CS:GO.
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Old 11-19-2021 , 10:49   Re: Remove slow down when player hurt
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Originally Posted by Little Endian View Post
Something must have been tampering with the cvar. I rebooted my server and it now works like a charm! Thanks!

While I'm at it, I saw a post on Reddit:

Have you already explored this possibility? While sm_cvar mp_tagging_scale does seem to work pretty well, I feel like there is still a bit a drag. Might it be because of it? Values of sm_cvar mp_tagging_scale above 20 don't seem to lower it any further (tried up to 255).
I confirm that after set "flinch_velocity_modifier_large" and "flinch_velocity_modifier_small" to 1 in items_game.txt, tagging is completely gone.

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