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[ANY] Spray Manager (1.5.1)

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    Allows to see who owns each spray, banning players from spraying and anti spray-on-spray for easier administration of sprays.
    Old 08-09-2013 , 12:00   [ANY] Spray Manager (1.5.1)
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    Spray Manager by shavit
    The ultimate spray manager

    Version 1.5.0

    Spray Manager is a plugin that was made for my server and has some useful features.

    Spray Manager includes features that can help you in a case of an inappropriate spray, or just a spray that you don't want to see.

    * All the commands can be accessed through the admin menu under Player Commands in-case that adminmenu.smx is loaded.
    ** All the commands can be used in the chat as !command or /command (default chat triggers) instead of sm_command.

    sm_sprayban or sm_sban - Usage: sm_sprayban <target>
    Bans a player from spraying.
    Needed access: Ban

    sm_offlinesprayban or sm_offlinesban - Usage: sm_offlinesprayban <steamid> [name]
    Spray ban a player even if he's offline. In case that he's online, he will be automatically spray banned in-game w/o reconnecting.

    sm_offlinesban "STEAM_0:0:59898856" "shavit" for example would spray ban me.
    Needed access: Ban

    sm_sprayunban or sm_sunban - Usage: sm_sprayunban <target>
    Unbans a spray banned player from spraying.

    Needed access: Unban

    sm_sbans or sm_spraybans - Usage: sm_spraybans
    Unbans a spray banned player from spraying.

    Needed access: Generic

    sm_allsbans or sm_offlinesbans - Usage: sm_allsbans
    Shows a list of all spray banned players, even if they're not in-game.
    After selecting someone, you will be able to remove his spray ban if you have the "Unban" access.
    Needed access: Generic

    Screenshots of the menu

    Admin Menu Support:
    This plugin comes with support for the basic admin menu plugin that comes with SourceMod, and include its commands in the Player Commands category.


    MetaMod: Source 1.10 developer snapshot+
    SourceMod 1.5 developer snapshot+
    The basic adminmenu.smx plugin that comes with SourceMod.
    The basic Client Preferences (clientprefs) extension & plugin that comes with SourceMod.
    SMLib to compile.


    Add the "spraymanager" field to addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg

            "driver"        "default"
            "host"        "ip/hostname"
            "database"        "database"
            "user"        "username"
            "pass"        "password"
            "port"        "3306"
            "driver"        "sqlite"
            "database"        "spraymanager"

    Planned Features:
    MySQL/SQLite support. - Done!

    Add sm_allsbanned/sm_allspraybanned command that will display a menu that shows who got spray banned, even if they're offline.
    - Done!
    Add sm_offlinesban/sm_offlinesprayban command that you can ban a SteamID from spraying even if the player is not playing right now.
    - Done!

     // ConVars for plugin "spraymanager.smx"
    // "Spray Manager" version
    // -
    sm_spraymanager_version "1.2"
     // Enable "Spray Manager"?
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "1.000000"
    sm_spraymanager_enabled "1"
    // Where players will see the owner of the spray that they're aiming at?
    // 0 - Disabled
    // 1 - Hud hint http://i.imgur.com/R1AyN5h.jpg
    // 2 - Hint text (like sm_hsay) http://i.imgur.com/5TS4P4p.jpg
    // 3 - Center text (like sm_csay) http://i.imgur.com/NEhtie0.jpg
    // 4 - HUD (if supported by the game) (I can't post a screenshot, if someone runs it on a game that supports HUD please give me a screenshot)
    // 5 - Top left (like sm_tsay) http://i.imgur.com/m3o7YkL.jpg
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "5.000000"
    sm_spraymanager_textloc "1"
    // Prevent spray-on-spray overlapping?
    // If enabled, specify an amount of units that another player spray's distance from the new spray needs to be it or more, recommended value is 75.
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    sm_spraymanager_overlap "0"
    // Which authentication identifiers should be seen in the HUD?
    // - This is a "math" cvar, add numbers for your likings. (Example: 1 + 4 = 5/Name + IP address)
    // 1 - Name
    // 2 - SteamID
    // 4 - IP address
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "1.000000"
    sm_spraymanager_auth "1"
    * This config file is auto-created in srcds/mod/cfg/sourcemod with the name spraymanager.cfg.

    Developers' API:
    The plugin comes with an include file that you can easily use with other plugins.

     * Ban a player from using sprays.
     * @param client                    Client index.
     * @param delete                    Delete the client's spray if it's there?
     * @error                    Throw error if client is invalid/already spray banned.
     * @noreturn
    native SprayManager_BanClient(client, bool:delete = true);
     * Unban a spray banned player from using sprays.
     * @param client                    Client index.
     * @error                    Throw error if client is invalid/not banned.
     * @noreturn
    native SprayManager_UnbanClient(client);
     * Check if the client is spray banned.
     * @param client                    Client index.
     * @error                    Throw error if client is invalid.
     * @return                 True if spray banned, false otherwise.
    native SprayManager_IsBanned(client);

     * Called when a client gets spray banned.
     * @param client        Client index
     * @noreturn
    forward SprayManager_OnBan(client);
     * Called when a client gets spray unbanned.
     * @param client        Client index
     * @noreturn
    forward SprayManager_OnUnban(client);

    Example of usage:
    #include <sourcemod>
    #include <spraymanager>
    #pragma semicolon 1
    public Plugin:myinfo = 
        name = "[Spray Manager] Ban Check",
        author = "shavit",
        description = "Check if you are banned from spraying",
        version = "1.0",
        url = "not vgames"
    public OnPluginStart()
        RegConsoleCmd("sm_sbanned", Command_SBanned, "Are you spray banned?");
    public Action:Command_SBanned(client, args)
         ReplyToCommand(client, "\x04[Spray Manager]\x01 You are %s.",  SprayManager_IsBanned(client)? "\x07FF0000BANNED":"\x0700FFAANOT  BANNED");
        return Plugin_Handled;
    Change Log:
    1.5.1 -
    * Fixed an SQL syntax error, most likely fixed some stuff
    1.5.0 -
    + Added an option to choose what you wanna see in the HUD. (SteamID, IP, name or combine between them)
    1.4.0 -
    + Added a basic anti-spray-on-spray (anti-overlapping) feature that is disabled as default. Idea by AeroAcrobat/salsav91 and base code by MasterOfTheXP.
    1.3.1 -
    * Hotfix for error log spam when the (My)SQL server is unavailable for more than 5 times.
    (The max connections can be edited through the plugin but requires a recompile)
    1.3 -
    * SQLite error fix.
    1.2 -
    + Added offline spray ban list.
    + Added an option to spray un-ban players in the list.
    + Added sm_offlinesprayban/sm_offlinesprayban <steamid> [name] to manually spray ban players even if they're offline.
    * Minor bug fixes.
    1.1 -
    + Added MySQL/SQLite support
    + Now, when you spray ban a player the plugin is removing his spray immediatly.
    + Added a new parameter to the SprayManager_BanClient native.
    - Removed "Client Preferences" requirement.
    * Minor optimization.
    1.0 -
    Initial release
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