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[TF2] Donator Building Colors

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General Purpose
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Team Fortress 2
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Gives Donators the ability to change the color of their buildings.
Old 06-20-2013 , 15:41   [TF2] Donator Building Colors
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Here we are with the first of some Basic Donator Interface-required plugins that I am working on. This plugin adds in the ability for Donators to change their Sentry/Dispenser/Teleporter model colors as Engineers.

The idea for this came from the already existing Coloring Engineer Buildings plugin. The plugin I had used as a reference had a very limited amount of color options, so I went and added in all the available color options from FunCommandsX, then figured out how to get this set up to utilize the Basic Donator Interface system from scratch.

You of course can select different colors for each of your buildings. How you would do this is simple. First select a color for your first building, then build it. Before you build another building, choose a new color, then build the new building. Simple!

Required Plugins

Commands only valid when using "donatorbuildingcolors.smx", which is the non-BDI version
  • sm_buildingcolors - Opens building colors menu

If you use the Basic Donator Interface:
  1. Download donator.buildingcolor.tf2.smx
  2. Place the file in sourcemod/plugins folder.
  3. Load the plugin up ingame via RCON (rcon sm plugins load donator.buildingcolor.tf2.smx)
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

If you don't use the Basic Donator Interface
  1. Download donatorbuildingcolors.smx
  2. Place the file in sourcemod/plugins folder.
  3. Load the plugin up ingame via RCON (rcon sm plugins load donatorbuildingcolors.smx)
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Change Log
Version 0.2 - June 21st, 2013
* Removed "<morecolors>" include in the source code that I left in accidentally (it was a remnant from a personalized version that I was working on for the UNFGaming.net servers).

Version 0.1 - June 20th, 2013
* Initial release
Bugs? Errors? Suggestions? Comments?
If you encounter any bugs, or notice any errors in your error logs stemming from this plugin, please post a reply and include as much information about the bug, or the full error listing from your logs, so I can fix this if necessary!

As for comments or suggestions, again, just post a reply! I won't bite
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File Type: smx donator.buildingcolors.tf2.smx (6.3 KB, 550 views)
File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (donatorbuildingcolors.sp - 966 views - 5.0 KB)
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