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[CS:GO] ZR Grenade Effects

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    Changes he grenades to napalm grenades, smoke and decoy grenades to freeze grenades and flashbangs to flashlights, and adds trails
    Old 11-12-2015 , 07:51   [CS:GO] ZR Grenade Effects
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    Changes he grenades to napalm grenades, smoke and decoy grenades to freeze grenades and flashbangs to flashlights, and adds trails.

    For CS:GO I fixed the smokeparticle bug, some sounds problems, visual effects fixed, added decoy as freeze grenade (if you use molotov, use decoy grenades instead of smoke grenades for freeze. This is for prevent that appear smokeparticles when a smoke grenade touch the molotov fire), and others fixes.

    You can test the latest version here:


    Zombiereloaded plugin

    Recommended plugins with this:

    Zombiereloaded weapons menu with grenades

    Todo list:

    I will add nade modes like in cs 1.6
    Originally Posted by ot_207 View Post
    Available modes:
    Normal: This is CS's default grenade.
    Proximity: This grenade will explode when it detect a player within a certain radius.
    Impact: This grenade will only explode when it comes in contact with a solid object.
    Trip laser: This is the most complex mode. Throw this at the wall or ceiling, and it will take some time before it will activate.After it activates it will draw a laser. If anyone should blunder into the detection path, the grenade will launch itself in the direction of the victim/ explode (your choice).
    Motion sensor: Like the proximity grenade, this detects players within a certain radius, but will only detonate if that player is moving above a certain speed. To avoid an explosion, crouch or walk around this grenade. Be careful, jumping around a motion sensing grenade is risky business!
    Satchel charge: When you press the +use button (default e) the nade will explode.
    Homing: Seeking the enemy!


    Configure these cvars in the cfg/sourcemod/zombiereloaded/grenade_effects.cfg file created.
    zr_greneffect_enable - Enables/Disables the plugin
    zr_greneffect_trails - Enables/Disables grenade trails
    zr_greneffect_napalm_he - Changes a he grenade to a napalm grenade
    zr_greneffect_napalm_he_duration - The napalm duration in seconds
    zr_greneffect_smoke_freeze - Changes a smoke grenade to a freeze grenade
    zr_greneffect_smoke_freeze_distance - The freeze grenade distance
    zr_greneffect_smoke_freeze_duration - The freeze duration in seconds
    zr_greneffect_flash_light - Changes a flashbang to a flashlight
    zr_greneffect_flash_light_distance - The light distance
    zr_greneffect_flash_light_duration - The light duration in seconds

    For developers:

    PHP Code:
     * Called when a player is about to be freezed by a grenade 
     * @param client     The victim index 
     * @param attacker     The client index who threw the grenade 
     * @param duration    The freeze duration, set by reference  
     * @return        Plugin_Changed to apply new values, Plugin_Contninue to allow as is and >= Plugin_Handled to block 
    forward Action:ZR_OnClientFreeze(clientattacker, &Float:duration); 

     * Called when a player has been freezed by a grenade 
     * @param client     The victim index 
     * @param attacker     The client index who threw the grenade 
     * @param duration    The freeze duration 
     * @noreturn 
    forward ZR_OnClientFreezed(clientattackerFloat:duration); 

     * Called when a player is about to be ignited by a grenade 
     * @param client     The victim index 
     * @param attacker     The client index who threw the grenade 
     * @param duration    The ignite duration, set by reference  
     * @return        Plugin_Changed to apply new values, Plugin_Contninue to allow as is and >= Plugin_Handled to block 
    forward Action:ZR_OnClientIgnite(clientattacker, &Float:duration); 

     * Called when a player has been ignited by a grenade 
     * @param client     The victim index 
     * @param attacker     The client index who threw the grenade 
     * @param duration    The freeze duration 
     * @noreturn 
    forward ZR_OnClientIgnited(clientattackerFloat:duration);  

     * Called when a grenade will get his effect
     * @param client     Client that throw the grenade
     * @param grenade     Grenade index
     * @return        Plugin_Continue to allow as is and Plugin_Handled to block effect in the grenade
    forward Action:ZR_OnGrenadeEffect(clientgrenade); 


    Download the archive from the attachments with the mod prefix you are intending to play and extract it to the addons/sourcemod folder
    If you want to allow players to carry more grenades just add those cvars to your server.cfg and set their amount
    • ammo_hegrenade_max
    • ammo_flashbang_max
    • ammo_smokegrenade_max

    Unrestrict smoke grenades and flashbangs which are resticted by default (do it here sourcemod/configs/zr/weapons.txt. Find "Flashbang" and "Smokegrenade" and set their "restrictdefault" to "no")

    Donations (optional):

    If you apreciate my work, you can donate me via paypal or with a trade offer


    Main repository
    Direct download
    Code changes
    Veteran Coder -> Activity channel
    Coding on CS2 and taking paid and free jobs.

    Contact: Steam, Telegram or discord ( franug ).

    You like my work? +Rep in my steam profile comments or donate.

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