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Weird stuff happens

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Old 07-21-2021 , 17:28   Weird stuff happens
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i noticed that some plugins on few Server stop working and i figured out that the .smx files from the plugins that didt work anymore grow some extrabytes...

example sw_gamedesc_override.smx original size 6kb filesize on server 27kb.
what tf is going on?

its the second time that this happend and between that i completly reinstalled the rootserver so i thinks its not a hack. I didnt change the rcon password. is it possible to replace files via rcon?

after replace the .smx files with the original ones everything works fine.

While typing this text i found another weird stuff.
my stamm.phrases.morecolors.txt should loke like this https://github.com/dordnung/Stamm/bl...morecolors.txt
but there is a lot of HTML code in it...

i dont know what that code does...

i opend the .smx file with notepad++ and the file contains like the stamm phrases file just HTML code...
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Old 07-21-2021 , 17:58   Re: Weird stuff happens
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Not sure.
Plugins maybe auto update itself

And you can't open compiled smx plugins with text editor. And there should not be HTML code either.
You could try remove "updater" plugin so those stop updating.
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Old 07-21-2021 , 18:53   Re: Weird stuff happens
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thats a good idea i will try it!
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