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League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX

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    League Of Legends KillAnnounce deatchmatch sound
    Old 09-02-2019 , 18:16   League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    Hello everyone. Its been long times i post something. Anyways after spent 3 years times for trying
    Fix this nice "League Of Legends KillAnnounce" Created by Guren. Its finally fixed. I hosting 6 community servers. And i realy like this sound from guren. What did i do with this. I change a map folder from addons/sourcemod/scripting/lol/lolsound.inc from line music/LOLannounce_v3/...
    to LOLannounce_v3/... and i put the all LOLannounce_v3 mp3's into sound/LOLannounce_v3
    Not only that. thanks to Triniayo for best idea that I using SDownloader as well for make it work
    and the last what i did special for you i made all sounds bzip2 files for the fastdownload.
    I hope i make you happy with this...

    About this League Of Legends KillAnnounce:

    League Of Legends KillAnnounce is a deathmatch sound. If you hit somebody you hear first blood or
    Enemys killing spree etc.. If all enemys or teams are killed you will hear ace or enemys ace...
    If peoples join the server you hear also server join sound..

    why i do this?

    because i know / see that some peoples got same probleme as me.
    And trying fix this as well. So i think by my self. i will trying fix this and want share to this tophic...
    My plan is not copy or change other creator name. I just want help other peoples who have same issus as me.. So i hopyfully i make you happy with this. and also i dont think that Guren gonna back. But for sure i do this for you...

    LeagueOfLegendsKillAnnounce server command: !lolsettings You can turn off sound or chat info

    You can also config some setting at cfg/sourcemod/plugin.LeagueOfLegendsKillAnnounce.cfg

    how to installed:

    1: download from this
    2: make sure you have 7zip or others that you can extract...
    3: extract it to you desktop or somewhere that you can find eazy.
    4: upload addons , cfg , sound , from server into you csgo/ folder
    5: upload sound from fastdl into you fastdl/csgo/ folder
    6: restart server or restart map
    7: test if it work.
    8: so yes? you are done.

    Special thanks by:

    1: Guren ( For creating LeagueOfLegendsKillAnnounce plugin for public )
    2: Triniayo ( For give me a best idea for using SDownloader )
    3: karill ( for help translations and fixed a cs:go sound bug for Guren )
    4: javalia ( for made stocklib.inc and help Guren problems. )
    5: RIOT Games ( for provide a sound files to Guren )
    6: sniperkills ( for give suggested to Guren that a great idea )
    7: And ( for peoples who love Guren mod )
    8: And ye for me ( trying fixing this LeagueOfLegendsKillAnnounce for public )

    If you got some issuse please report it and i will try take a look. But for now i going finish my new surf server.

    And sorry for my English. ( Not 100% ) I hope i make you happy with this fixed version.
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    File Type: 7z server.7z (3.03 MB, 503 views)
    File Type: 7z fastdl.7z (3.05 MB, 531 views)
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    Old 09-07-2019 , 03:53   Re: League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    Which games are supported by the plugin?

    L4D2 CN CloudsSky Server group。
    My WebLabWebOS
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    Old 07-27-2020 , 11:36   Re: League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    Originally Posted by joyist View Post
    Which games are supported by the plugin?
    As i know its only working on csgo Game Engine. For other's You should try. I fixed this for my uf community server's
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    Old 07-27-2020 , 11:52   Re: League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    Its seems it does support some others games, tho at least for me in TF2 the sounds does not play and it just prints chat messages for the killing spreed.

    if(StrEqual(gamename, "tf")){
    HookEvent("teamplay_round_start", roundstart_event);
    else if(StrEqual(gamename, "dod")){
    HookEvent("dod_round_start", roundstart_event);
    else if(StrEqual(gamename, "cstrike") || StrEqual(gamename, "csgo")){
    HookEvent("round_start", roundstart_event);
    g_MeleeWeaponList = CreateConVar("LOLannounce_SlayMeleeWeaponList ",
    "tf_weapon_sword;tf_weapon_wrench;tf_weapon_r obot_arm;tf_weapon_fists;tf_weapon_bonesaw;tf _weapon_fireaxe;tf_weapon_bat;tf_weapon_bat_w ood;tf_weapon_bat_fish;tf_weapon_club;tf_weap on_shovel;tf_weapon_knife;tf_weapon_stickbomb ;tf_weapon_katana;tf_weapon_knife;weapon_knif e",
    "MeleeWeaponList... ;");
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    Old 03-09-2022 , 09:33   Re: League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    I take it you're talking about the voiceover on your servers. I agree that it's a lot of work and a lot of work has to be done to do it. I remember when I first started playing LOL, and it was hard to figure out what was what. But things went easy when I installed scripts to play LOL, like these https://lol-script.com/blog/scriptin...ue-of-legends/. Why am I saying this? Maybe you also need to delegate some of your authority to someone else. Hire someone who is also willing to do what you do, who loves the game as much as you do, and I think things will go much better for you.

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    Old 03-19-2022 , 11:10   Re: League Of Legends KillAnnounce fixed by AntraX
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    Something went wrong. I don't know what the problem is,

    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnFirstBlood_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnFirstBlood_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_2.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_2.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_5.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_5.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_7.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroHero_7.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroYouE.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroYouE.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroYouE_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillHeroYouE_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillTurretHe_4.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillTurretHe_4.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY_2.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionKillYouHeroY_2.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnAce_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnAce_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnAce_2.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnAce_2.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillEn.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillEn.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillEn_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillEn_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo_1.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo_1.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo_2.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionDoubleKillYo_2.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionTripleKillEn.mp3.
    Error downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionTripleKillEn.mp3
    Downloading sound/music/LOLannounce_v3/female1_OnChampionTripleKillEn_1.mp3.
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