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[CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)

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    Provides a modular top system, with special feature to automatically reset the top statistics every certain time.
    Old 01-25-2021 , 17:34   [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    Top System

    This plugin offers a modular Top System, that allows players to see who is the best player in each top category.


    • Automatically updates each category players stats in real-time.
    • Organizable with categories.
    • Special feature which allows to automatically reset and save the top winners in each category every certain time, changeable with a ConVar.
    • Ability for Root administrators to reset and save a specific top category.
    • No limit to adding categories.
    • Option to create your own categories.
    sm_tops - Access the top categories list menu.
    sm_top - Access the tops categories list menu. (An Alias)
    Comes with 6 categories (You can edit & create one by yourself):
    1. Top Awp Kills
    2. Top Deaths
    3. Top Kills
    4. Top Knife Kills
    5. Top MVP's
    6. Top Playtime [Minutes]

    1. Place 'TopSystem.smx' in '/csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins/'.
    2. Place your desired categories in '/csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins/'.
    3. Add database config 'TopSystem' to '/csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg'.
    "driver" "mysql"
    "host" ""
    "database" ""
    "user" ""
    "pass" ""
    //"timeout" "0"
    //"port" "0"
    // Starting points to set for every category once its created.
    // -
    // Default: "0"
    top_categories_start_points "0"
    // Amount of days until every top category resets, 0 to disable the reset.
    // -
    // Default: "7"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "90.000000"
    top_days_until_reset "7"
    // If true, every progress change will be print with a chat message, 0 To disable the print.
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "1.000000"
    top_print_progress_messages "1"
    // Amount of clients that will be shown on the quests menu.
    // -
    // Default: "50"
    // Minimum: "5.000000"
    // Maximum: "100.000000"
    top_show_clients_amount "50"
    Change Log:
    25 January, 2020 [1.0]
    • Released the mod.
    To compile you have to use 1.11+ SourceMod compiler.

    GitHub Repository
    Latest Release
    For questions/plugin requests contact me:

    • Discord: KoNLiG#6417
    • Steam: KoNLiG

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    Old 01-25-2021 , 18:03   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    Great Plugin!
    You like my work? You want to support?
    Consider Donating!

    Need signatures / offsets for CS:GO?
    Contact me:
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    Old 01-25-2021 , 18:53   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    Some ideas for future updates
    - Make a option to change PREFIX without recompiling a file
    - Add translations support

    I Like the fact that I can add my own top category, co feature!
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    Old 01-25-2021 , 23:23   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    This is nice. I want to make modules for "Rounds played", "Kill Death Ratio" and "Kills per Round" when I get the chance.

    Also, I have been interested in a plugin that keeps track of top stats for players by each map, in addition to overall stats. I think the idea is too much overhead though, making a new table for each map that gets played.
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    Old 01-26-2021 , 01:15   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    Liked your plugin, good job!
    For questions or requests contact me in private

    Discort: TorNim0s#7102
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    Old 01-27-2021 , 01:57   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    As I wrote 2 comments above, I want to create some modules (one for KDR, one for KPR). I have some problems though.

    KDR and KPR are both floats, but your plugin does not appear to support floats.

    Also, there are two ways (I think) that I can implement KDR. One is by combining the code of the Kills and Deaths modules into one plugin, and then creating three Top Categories in this plugin (kills, deaths, and KDR). However, this means I cannot implement KPR, which would also need to use Kills. To implement KPR, I would have to also combine it into the plugin, and at this point, why use modules at all?

    Instead, I can implement KDR by using Top_AddCategory on categories that already exist, "kills" and "deaths", because you made these return the index if they do exist. This has a problem though - I don't want to accidentally create these categories if the KDR module loads first. Maybe you can split this into Top_FindCategory? Anyway after this, I can use Top_GetPoints to get the Kills and Deaths. This, however, also has some problems.

    One problem is, I need to make sure that the database updates kills and deaths when they happen, before I try to use GetPoints to update the KDR.
    Another problem is, there does not exist Top_SetPoints. So, I have to do Top_TakePoints(client, Top_GetPoints(client, g_iTopId)); and then after this I do Top_AddPoints(client, kdr).

    If you cannot or do not want to make these changes to solve this, that is okay

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    raj kaul
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    Old 01-28-2021 , 11:22   Re: [CS:GO/Any] Top System [MySQL] (v1.0 | 25 January 2020)
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    first of all thank you so much for this great plugin
    any future plan for this project ? i mean like a webpage/webpanel where player can see and track his stats like ingame ?
    or discord webhooks to get notification for top players list .

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