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[DOD] weapons, classes, teams Addon (request/solution)

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Old 10-09-2021 , 10:54   Re: [DOD] weapons, classes, teams Addon (request/solution)
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So, last time a did use Weaponmod by Devcones
I has test 1.0 Omega and 1.2 Alpha versions again, and I did found some troubles.

As somebody know extra weapon default slot and replace is KNIFE\SPADE and that is why You should not see a crosshair.
So I did open
dod\addons\amxmodx\scripting\gameinfo\wpn_gam einfo_dod.sma
and customize this look an WEAPON_INDEX now is {4,3}
4 = Luger
3 = Colt

new const WEAPON_INDEX[MAX_WEAPONS] = {4, 3}			// Weapon Index of the weapon that should be replaced
new const Float:WEAPON_RUN_SPEED[MAX_WEAPONS] = {600.0, 600.0}		// Run speed of the replaced weapon
new const WEAPON_COMMAND[MAX_WEAPONS][] = {"weapon_spade", "weapon_amerknife"}	// Command to take the weapon
new const WEAPON_V_MODEL[MAX_WEAPONS][] = {"models/v_spade.mdl", "models/v_amerk.mdl"}		// Viewmodel of the weapon that should be replaced
new const WEAPON_P_MODEL[MAX_WEAPONS][] = {"models/p_spade.mdl", "models/p_amerk.mdl"}
Besides custimize weapon_spade and amerkinfe now my extra weapon on 2nd slot , by replacig Luger\Colt and I have crosshair.
version 1.2 Alpha Weapon by Devocnes has fix reloading animation.

And when I use my weapon in PISTOL SLOT my player animation works like with pistols.
Of course looks strange when player holding rifle like a pistol , but its better than holding rifle like spade )

But ! If I use INDEX of GARAND or M98k or another PRIMARY guns , its not working .. plugin don't gives me an extra gun.
So of course 1.2 is better,

HUD ammo clip and gun icon still not works
Dropped gun W_models liegen(deutch) on +50units above ground

So .. Who knows how fix ? :
HUD updates
Primary reassing

______________ update:
dod\addons\amxmodx\scripting\gameinfo\wpn_gam einfo_dod.sma
new g_msgCurWeapon   \\ uncomment this! (the vaskov)
new g_msgAmmoX          \\ uncomment this! (the vaskov)

	// User Messages  70 71 strokes  undcomment this! VSKV
	g_msgCurWeapon = get_user_msgid("CurWeapon")
	g_msgAmmoX = get_user_msgid("AmmoX")

// find STROKE 193 it must be:
// copy and replace
// -----------------------

// This function is used to update the players Ammo displayed on HUD
public wpn_gi_update_ammo(id, actWeapon, pAmmo, sAmmo)
	if(actWeapon = 1) {	// -1 would be no special weapon
		// Primary Ammo
		message_begin(MSG_ONE, g_msgCurWeapon, {0, 0, 0}, id)
		// Secondary Ammo
		message_begin(MSG_ONE, g_msgAmmoX, {0, 0, 0}, id)
	// Hide Ammo from HUD since user is using the knife
	message_begin(MSG_ONE, g_msgCurWeapon, {0, 0, 0}, id)

I got "actWeapon" from this sma file and look and primary ammo BYTE 22
so 20 is m1carbine 21 - mg34 , 22- greese gun (id DODW_)
and now I did activate HUD CLIP , but It shows me Half of MAXCLIP and when my clip is empty before reloading eit shows me HALFofMAXCLIP -2 shoots.))

... still working about this

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Old 10-14-2021 , 03:51   Re: [DOD] weapons, classes, teams Addon (request/solution)
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here is
Day of Defeat get_user_msgid(
64: VoiceMask IDLE
65: ReqState IDLE
66: CurWeapon IDLE
67: Health IDLE
68: HudText IDLE
69: SayText IDLE
70: TextMsg IDLE
71: WeaponList IDLE
72: ResetHUD IDLE
73: InitHUD IDLE
74: DeathMsg IDLE
75: ScoreInfo IDLE
76: GameRules IDLE
77: ResetSens IDLE
78: TeamScore IDLE
80: ServerName IDLE
81: AmmoPickup IDLE
82: WeapPickup IDLE
83: HideWeapon IDLE
85: ScreenShake IDLE
86: ScreenFade IDLE
87: AmmoX IDLE
88: AmmoShort IDLE
89: BloodPuff IDLE
91: Spectator IDLE
92: WaveTime IDLE
93: WaveStatus IDLE
94: Scope IDLE
95: Object IDLE
96: CameraView IDLE
96: CameraView IDLE
97: InitObj IDLE
98: SetObj IDLE
99: StartProg IDLE
100: StartProgF IDLE
101: ProgUpdate IDLE
102: CancelProg IDLE
103: TimerStatus IDLE
105: ClientAreas IDLE

106: PlayersIn IDLE
107: StatusValue IDLE
108: ClanTimer IDLE
109: MapMarker IDLE
110: ShowMenu IDLE
111: Frags IDLE
112: PStatus IDLE
113: ScoreShort IDLE
114: PClass IDLE
115: PTeam IDLE

116: YouDied IDLE
117: PShoot IDLE
118: Weather IDLE
119: ObjScore IDLE
120: ReloadDone IDLE
121: RoundState IDLE
122: UseSound LOGGING
123: CapMsg IDLE
124: HandSignal IDLE
125: CurMarker IDLE
125: CurMarker IDLE
126: ClCorpse IDLE
127: TimeLeft IDLE

Some not using in DOD.
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