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Hero mod Server IP's

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Old 11-20-2017 , 20:30   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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Revival of [SH] 3vo's Pub - Balanced Play!

Custom SH server designed around balanced and fair play, while still hitting that Super Hero itch. Other than a few heroes marked as Free Agents, heroes are set up in Groups; a player may only select one hero from each Group.

Server also features a Kill Assist system which provides XP, kill on scoreboard, and custom deathMsg showing assists (min 100 dmg to be counted as an assist, when not the killer).

There are bots that will select heroes automatically (though they cannot use keybinds). Bots are configured for most maps on the server.

Additionally, there is a VIP system available. NO HEROES are set to be VIP or Admin. Being a VIP merely provides double XP for kills and assists.

Lastly, there are multiple custom heroes that you will not find anywhere else. Brutal Legend provides a powerful Guitar gun that melts faces. Revolver Ocelot provides his signature Colt Single Action Army revolver as well as utilizes his skills to see enemy players on radar (as long as they are not crouched). When a player with Robin Hood uses his trusty bow to steal an enemy's life, XP is given to Robin Hood's entire team. Multiple other heroes and even the SH core itself have been updated and rewritten as well.

http://bit.ly/AdvHeroList for details on each hero.

Check out the server here:

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Old 07-27-2018 , 06:03   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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New server opened -

40 Lvls and Fast Download.

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Old 02-02-2019 , 15:23   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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Counter-Strike 1.6 Server -

I like SuperHero Mod, but I don't like watching newbies constantly die and then leave a server for good. I also suppose there is no fun in defeating a helpless opponent. On this server, everybody has the same amount of HPs and the same speed. Also, there are no guns with multiple damage. Gain LVL and you'll become stronger, but you won't become unbeatable.

10 levels, 30 heroes, fast leveling. Fast download and very few files for a client to download (0 models at this moment). Also, some server owners translate SuperHero mod into their native language by replacing original strings and MOTDs. This server is not the case. My server has a Russian translation, but English is still available.

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Old 08-25-2019 , 11:05   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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Originally launched in 2006, relaunched in 2015!

Free level 16 - 1600hp, Max level 60 - 3200hp.
94 stable heroes.

Quality of Life Improvements:
Custom Anubis - Displays SH damage, as well as gun damage
True HP/AP Monitor - combined with Anubis, very easy for players to understand & follow the action
Cooldown System - Dynamically displays keydown hero cooldowns

Patched & Reworked Heroes:
Human Torch - flames shoot much farther
Aquaman - shoots farther & works out of water (actually useful now)
Storm - actually works
Marduk - Changed to Quicksilver, Freeze Time, actually works
Longshot - actually works
Ken Masters Shoryuken - completely reworked
Tracker - actually works
Black Archer - actually works
Protoman - actually works
Numerous other tweaks & bugfixes

Gametracker in sig:

~Physically rebuilding a server, back soon!~

Thank you for playing.

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Old 03-15-2021 , 12:53   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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New server opened

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Old 03-31-2021 , 06:16   Re: Hero mod Server IP's
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New Superhero server 100 lvl:
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