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Global banlist

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Get it here (Source)
*Note that timed bans do not expire with that version, for a fix, see the end of this thread.

Amxbans integration (for front end)
Threaded updates (no hurting game server performance)

Installation instructions:
  • Install and configure amxbans.. it's available from amxbans.net. Follow the default install instructions.
  • Open up checkid.php, edit the variables to the same ones you installed amxbans with
  • Upload checkid.php, remember where you put it

Server plugin:
  • Extract/upload it to \addons\
  • Install it like a normal plugin.
  • Add the following variables to your server.cfg
    //This should be the correct URL to checkid.php
    banlist_check_url "http://somewebsite.com/checkid.php?steamid=%s"
    //The amount of time to ban banned people for (in minutes) (-1 will just kick them)
    banlist_bantime -1
    //The message to kick banned players with
    banlist_kickmsg "Banned"
Various bits of semi-useful code in a bunch of languages: http://code.devicenull.org/

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