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IRCRelay 1.0 RC3 (Windows)

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Old 12-05-2005 , 07:44   IRCRelay 1.0 RC3 (Windows)
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IRCRelay reports game events from your server to an IRC channel and allows admins to control their servers or chat with users ingame from IRC. You need MetaMod: Source installed on your server and add the plugin to the metaplugins.ini!

Currently supports CS:Source, HL2: DM, DOD:S, TF2 and all other HL2 mods.

This is version 1.0 Release Candidate 3: Windows only atm!

Please visit IRC Relay's main page for more information.

- Reports game events from your server to an IRC channel
- Administrate your server directly from IRC using commands like !msg, !kick, !rcon, !players, !info, and more (command character customizable)
- Customize which IRC access levels can use certain commands
Example: !rcon can only be used by ops
- Send a message to the IRC channel from ingame by saying "/irc message here"

Download Mirrors:
Official IRC Relay for MetaMod: Source webpage

Server statistics:

Things you should know...
1. You can silence events by commenting them out in the mod's cfg file (located in addons/ircrelay/cfg) by inserting a '//' at the beginning of the line. This can help you remove unwanted info or even silence everything except important events such as ban/unban. This is a common method to providing server administration in your normal channel, without needing a separate channel.
2. You can add support for another mod by copying hl2mp.cfg and renaming it to the mod's directory name, and then edit the contents of that file to pertain to that mod.
3. You can give the IRC commands aliases by adding them in aliases.cfg; msg and me are in there by default as an example.

Changelog for Version 1.0:
+Added full support for the Orange box engine (separate download)
+Added support for another extra channel to join
+Added CommandGroups so you can group multiple relays together
- Removed /me as it could be used for people to cheat ingame
- Fixed time outs and other minor bugs causing lag and issues

IRC Relay graphic kindly provided by SeLfKiLL

More support over here.

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