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[L4D2] l4d2_weapons.inc

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Old 07-31-2020 , 09:07   [L4D2] l4d2_weapons.inc
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Provides a set of functions to identify, validate and spawn weapons/melees.

- Support SourceMod 1.7, 1.11 Transitional Syntax.
- A lot of weapons/melees functions.
- Provides weapons/melees data: ID, names, models etc.

API structure:
Since the weapon_melee class contains its own melees the code has been logically divided into two parts: WEAPON and MELEE.
Both parts have functions to check for garbage value and identify their type of weapon.
The ITEM struct is needed to determine to which type (WEAPON / MELEE) an entity or weapon name belongs.

Use L4D2Wep_Identify, L4D2Wep_NameToIDEx for WEAPON and L4D2Wep_IdentifyMelee, L4D2Wep_MeleeNameToID functions for MELEE to identify their ID by entity or class name.
If you want the code work for both types (ITEMS) use L4D2Wep_IdentifyItemByName, L4D2Wep_IdentifyItemByEnt functions to identify (See example).

When you got an WEAPON / MELEE / ITEM ID you can do following things:
- Filter weapon/melee entities.
- Grab info about: model, weapon name, weapon slot index, check for spawn class
- Create any weapons as weapon_ or _spawn class (Fixed pos/angles)
- Create any melees as weapon_melee or weapon_melee_spawn class (Fixed pos/angles)
- Give a weapon/melee to player (based on give cmd)
- Sets a weapon max ammo (based on convars)
- Sets a weapon max ammo to player (based on offsets)

PHP Code:
// Weapons:
void L4D2Wep_Init()
char[] L4D2Wep_GetNameByID(int wepID)
bool L4D2Wep_HasSpawnClass(int wepID)
char[] L4D2Wep_GetModelByID(int wepID)
int L4D2Wep_GetSlotByID(int wepID)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidID(int wepID)
bool L4D2Wep_HasValidModel(int wepID)
int L4D2Wep_NameToID(char[] weaponName)
int L4D2Wep_NameToIDEx(char[] weaponName)
int L4D2Wep_Identify(int entityint flags IDENTIFY_SAFE)
void L4D2Wep_PrecacheModels()
// Weapons Helpers:
void L4D2Wep_AddSpawnSuffix(char[] weaponNamechar[] storeint len)
void L4D2Wep_RemoveSpawnSuffix(char[] weaponNameint Len 0)
int L4D2Wep_HasSpawnSuffix(char[] weaponName)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidAndEntity(int entity)
bool L4D2Wep_IsEntity(int entity)
// Meeles:
void L4D2Wep_InitMelees()
char L4D2Wep_GetMeleeNameByID(int meleepID)
char L4D2Wep_GetMeleeModelByID(int meleepID)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidMeleeID(int meleeID)
int L4D2Wep_MeleeNameToID(char[] meleeName)
int L4D2Wep_IdentifyMelee(int entityint flags IDENTIFY_SAFE)
void L4D2Wep_OnMapStart()
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidMelee(char[] meleeName)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidMeleeIDEx(int meleeID)
void L4D2Wep_PrecacheMeleeModels()
// Items:
int L4D2Wep_IdentifyItemByEnt(int entityint &anyID 0int flags IDENTIFY_SAFE)
int L4D2Wep_IdentifyItemByName(char[] anyNameint &anyID 0)
int L4D2Wep_IdentifyEquipSlot(int entity)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidItemAndID(int anyIDint itemType)
bool L4D2Wep_IsItemNoneID(int anyIDint itemType)
bool L4D2Wep_IsValidItemID(int anyIDint itemType)
void L4D2Wep_GiveItemByName(int clientchar[] weaponName)
void L4D2Wep_GiveItemByID(int clientint anyIDint itemType)
// Ammo:
void L4D2Wep_InitAmmoCvars()
int L4D2Wep_WepIDToAmmoID(int wepID)
int L4D2Wep_GetAmmo(int ammoID)
bool L4D2Wep_SetAmmoByID(int entityint wepID)
int L4D2Wep_WepIDToOffset(int wepID)
int L4D2Wep_GetPlayerAmmo(int client)
bool L4D2Wep_SetPlayerAmmo(int clientint maxAmmo)
// Spawn:
int L4D2Wep_SpawnItem(int anyIDint itemTypefloat origin[3], float angles[3] = {0.0, ...}, bool applyVecFix truebool spawn trueint count 5)
int L4D2Wep_Spawn(int wepIDfloat origin[3], float angles[3] = {0.0, ...}, bool applyVecFix truebool spawn trueint count 5)
int L4D2Wep_SpawnMelee(int meleeIDfloat origin[3], float angles[3] = {0.0, ...}, bool applyVecFix truebool spawn trueint count 5)
int L4D2Wep_ConvertWeaponSpawn(int entityint wepIDint count 5, const char[] model "")
// Fixes:
void L4D2Wep_FixModelVectors(int wepIDfloat origin[3], float angles[3])
void L4D2Wep_FixMeleeModelVectors(int meleeIDfloat origin[3], float angles[3]) 
l4d2_weapons does not provide a way to unlock weapons, for this goal you may use any known plugins or extensions. However, if you unlock any vanilla weapons like a knife the l4d2_weapons will detect it and support.
If you want to add custom weapons support to l4d2_weapons look at line custom melee for example.

l4d2_weapons_test.sp plugin provides examples of how this API can be used.

- Forked from MatthewClair/sourcemod-plugins
- Thanks Electr0 for method to detect valid melees via string table.

Source Code:
> Contact me in Steam for private works.
Sourcemod, GitHub, Bitbucket, DeviantArt

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Old 09-26-2020 , 17:10   Re: [L4D2] l4d2_weapons.inc
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Updated! Added The Last Stand melee weapons.
> Contact me in Steam for private works.
Sourcemod, GitHub, Bitbucket, DeviantArt
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Old 10-10-2020 , 16:16   Re: [L4D2] l4d2_weapons.inc
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Thank you. Looks very useful for me.
That's great you updated it with the latest stuff.
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Old 10-10-2020 , 20:24   Re: [L4D2] l4d2_weapons.inc
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Sounds great I've been wanting something like this over the years, thank you!

When you say "Name" is that actual weapon name like "Grenade Launcher" or classname like "weapon_grenade_launcher"? If the former is that only in English or based on server language? Would be useful to get weapon names depending on specific clients language since I've never wanted to hard code weapon names in translations. I've never looked into getting them from translations though but that could be very useful.
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