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GetTime offset relative to server's timezone

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Old 09-19-2020 , 07:10   GetTime offset relative to server's timezone
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This stock allows you to get the amount of seconds the server is before or after unix. I used it to make offsets to use GetTime in a way that works around the end of the day, 00:00. Hopefully it will be useful to you.

stock int GetTimeOffset()
	bool Negate = false;
	char Time[11];

	FormatTime(Time, sizeof(Time), "%A", 86400);
	if(StrEqual(Time, "Thursday")) // 86400 in unix is Friday, meaning the timezone brought us back a bit.
		Negate = true;
	FormatTime(Time, sizeof(Time), "%H %M", 86400); // Can't use 0 because of negatives I think. I assume.
	char sHour[4], sMinute[4];
	int pos = BreakString(Time, sHour, sizeof(sHour));
	FormatEx(sMinute, sizeof(sMinute), Time[pos]);
	int secondstotal = StringToInt(sHour) * 3600 + StringToInt(sMinute) * 60;
	if(secondstotal == 0 || !Negate) // Server's time is positive or zero ( unix time )
		return secondstotal;
		Suppose an hour negative, turns 00:00 into 23:00. The result should be -3600.
		-1 * (86400 - (23 * 3600 + 0 * 60)) = -3600
		return -1 * (86400 - secondstotal); 
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Old 10-06-2020 , 14:30   Re: GetTime offset relative to server's timezone
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How about, this way ?

PHP Code:
#include <sdktools>

public void OnPluginStart()

Action test(int clientint args)
char buffer[60];
FormatTime(buffersizeof(buffer), "%z");

// Example "%Z", output: "FLE Daylight Time"
    // **** Standard Time = disabled, Daylight Saving Time (DST)
    // **** Daylight Time = enabled, Daylight Saving Time (DST)

int offset StringToInt(buffer);

int minutes offset 100// 0 - 99
int hours offset 100;
offset = (hours*3600) + (minutes*60);
PrintToServer("FormatTime UTC%s, offset %i seconds"bufferoffset);


And... GetTime() returns UNIX time, which is UTC-0.
But FormatTime returns with timezone+dts.

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