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Evil Admin: Rocket v1.0.110 Updated 4APR09

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    Launch players skyward
    Old 10-26-2008 , 14:54   Evil Admin: Rocket v1.0.110 Updated 4APR09
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    Evil Admin
    A series of related plugins that admins can add or remove depending on what they need on their server. These commands are based on the old AMX commands. Most work on most mods, others are tailored for certain mods such as TF2.

    Evil Admin Collection:
    Evil Admin: Rocket
    Evil Admin: Low Health
    Evil Admin: Pimp Slap
    Evil Admin: Vision
    Evil Admin: Trails (TF2 only)
    Evil Admin: Mirror Damage
    Evil Admin: Fart

    Evil Admin: Rocket
    This is a conversion from the old ES_Tools est_rocket command, except this one looks better!

    Use it to launch and explode players in the sky....

    Works in CSS, DoDS and TF2

    Create your own Fourth of July with players! (apologies for sound being borked!)

    • Copy sm_evilrocket.smx file to addons/sourcemod/plugins folder


    sm_evilrocket <name|#userid>
    Turns a player into a rocket

    Can be used by players to rocket themselves

    Shortcut in chat - !rocketme

    sm_rocketme_enabled 1
    default 0
    Allow or disallow players from turning themselves into rockets

    Added Cvar and command for players to launch themselves

    Fixed a bug where players could end up with several trails when they rocket themselves several times

    Added support so admins can use rocketme when sm_rocketme_enabled is 0

    Added gibs back, after TF2 update Dec 2008

    Removed env_explosion and replaced it with ragdoll gibs (TF2)

    Reverted back since VALVe fixed Explode....

    Players now explode in bonus round time
    Changed !rocketme so that players with Vote admin privileges can do it all the time without sm_rocketme_enabled being enabled (line 476)

    Fixed minor bug (Thanks DWN)

    Fixed a bug in other engines due to Bonus Round addition in TF2

    Minor bug in RocketMe

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    Plugins | TheVille
    Zombie Mod for DoD:S - l4dod.theville.org

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