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[L4D & L4D2] Lock Doors (1.21) [11-Dec-2022]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Replicates an old feature Valve removed, allowing players to lock and unlock doors. Also sets open/closed/locked doors health.
    Old 04-07-2020 , 04:22   [L4D & L4D2] Lock Doors (1.21) [11-Dec-2022]
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    • Valve had originally released or were planning on implementing the ability for Survivors to lock doors.
    • This plugin brings that to life with additional features.
    • Doors can be randomly opened or closed on round start with the cvar l4d_lock_doors_random - respects Versus competitive balance.
    • Customise the health of doors when they spawn, are opened, closed or locked.
    • This will not affect saferoom doors or existing locked doors to avoid breaking certain maps.
    • Keybind: Shift + E or Ctrl + E set by l4d_lock_doors_keys cvar.
    • Don't change the health cvars during gameplay as the plugin relies on the original values to restore health!

    • Cuba - For the request.
    • Lux - As standard.
    • gongo - Lots of help testing.
    • Toranks - Lots of help testing.

    Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag)

    PHP Code:
    sm_doors_random   // Randomly opens or closes doors based on the random cvar settings. This will mess up Versus saving and restoring.
    sm_doors_health   // Returns the health of the door you're aiming at.
    sm_doors_glow     // Debug testing command to show all doors.
    sm_doors_close    // Closes all doors on the map.
    sm_doors_open     // Opens all doors on the map.
    sm_doors_tog      // Toggle state of all doors on the map.
    sm_doors_vs       // Toggle all doors testing for Versus save and restore. 


    Saved to l4d_lock_doors.cfg in your servers \cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

    PHP Code:
    // 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on.
    l4d_lock_doors_allow "1"

    // Turn on the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = all).
    l4d_lock_doors_modes ""

    // Turn off the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = none).
    l4d_lock_doors_modes_off ""

    // Turn on the plugin in these game modes. 0=All, 1=Coop, 2=Survival, 4=Versus, 8=Scavenge. Add numbers together.
    l4d_lock_doors_modes_tog "0"

    // 0=Default game damage. Amount of damage to cause to doors when shoved by a Common Infected.
    l4d_lock_doors_damage_common "250"

    // 0=Default game damage. Amount of damage to cause to doors when shoved by a Special Infected.
    l4d_lock_doors_damage_infected "250"

    // 0=Default game damage. Amount of damage to cause to doors when shoved by a Tank.
    l4d_lock_doors_damage_tank "0"

    // 0=Default game damage. Amount of damage to cause to doors when shoved by a Survivor.
    l4d_lock_doors_damage_survivor "250"

    // 0=Off. Percentage of health to set when the door is locked.
    l4d_lock_doors_health_lock "2.0"

    // 0=Off. Percentage of health to set when the door is open.
    l4d_lock_doors_health_open "0.5"

    // 0=Off. Percentage of health to set when the door is shut.
    l4d_lock_doors_health_shut "1.0"

    // 0=Off. How much health doors have on spawn (840 game default on some maps).
    l4d_lock_doors_health_total "840"

    // 0=No invincible doors. 1=Allow doors which are damaged when shot etc but don't break (default game behaviour).
    l4d_lock_doors_invincible "0"

    // 0=Off (no locking doors). 1=Shift (walk) + E (use). 2=Ctrl (duck) + E (use). Which key combination to lock/unlock doors.
    l4d_lock_doors_keys "1"

    // 0=Off. 1=Maps listed in the data config will allow the plugin to work. 2=Maps listed in the data config will block the plugin from working.
    l4d_lock_doors_map_block "2"

    // 0=Off. On round start the chance out of 100 to randomly open or close a door. Versus 2nd round will open/close the same doors. Requires the Left4DHooks plugin.
    l4d_lock_doors_random "0"

    // 1=Open doors only. 2=Close doors only. 3=Open doors that are closed, and close doors that are open. When used with the random cvar.
    l4d_lock_doors_random_type "1"

    // 0=Any distance. How close a player must be to the door they're trying to lock or unlock.
    l4d_lock_doors_range "150"

    // 0=Off. Display a chat message when: 1=Locking doors. 2=Unlocking doors. 4=To all players. 8=To self. Add numbers together.
    l4d_lock_doors_text "7"

    // 0=Off. Vocalize when locking doors.
    l4d_lock_doors_vocalize "1"

    // Lock Doors plugin version

    1.21 (11-Dec-2022)
        - Fixed an invalid handle error.
    1.20 (09-Jul-2022)
        - Fixed sometimes ignoring blocked door models when using random doors. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
    1.19 (05-Jul-2022)
        - Fixed random doors not working in L4D1 and throwing errors. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
        - Fixed bug detecting tanks in L4D1 or regarding Jockey's as tanks in L4D2.
    1.18 (26-Jun-2022)
        - Added command "sm_doors_random" to randomly open or close doors based on the random cvar settings.
        - Increased the range of rescue door detection to prevent opening some rescue closets. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
        - Blocked another model from being used by the plugin (c5m2_park) which prevented common spawning. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
    1.17 (24-Jun-2022)
        - Fixed health bugs under certain conditions. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
        - Fixed bots from locking doors. They can still unlock them instead of teleporting through locked doors.
        - Now supports all 3rd party maps for the "random" feature of opening/closing doors on round start.
        - Now fully supports unloading and late loading the plugin. Random doors will not change when late loading.
        - Renamed command "sm_lock_doors_health" to "sm_doors_health".
    1.16 (16-Jun-2022)
        - Added more models to be ignored by the plugins features.
        - Plugin now ignores outhouse and gun cabinet doors.
        - Added an optional data config to specify maps the plugin should be allowed or blocked on, depending on the new cvar value.
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_map_block" to allow or block the plugin working on the maps listed in the data config.
        - Fixed rare bug causing all doors to be unusable.
        - Fixed setting double doors health to the wrong values when using the random cvar.
        - L4D2: Fixed random doors not working on the 3rd party map "The Hive" chapter 1.
        - L4D2: Fixed the map "CEDA Fever" chapter 1 intro missing the "gameinstructor_draw" event, which prevented random doors from working.
        - Thanks to "gongo" for reporting and lots of help testing.
    1.15 (05-Jun-2022)
        - Added commands "sm_doors_close", "sm_doors_open" and "sm_doors_tog" to control all doors.
    1.14 (03-Jun-2022)
        - Changed cvar "l4d_lock_doors_keys" to accept the value of "0" to disable the locking and unlocking doors feature.
        - Really fixed doors not randomly opening or closing on new campaigns. Thanks to "gongo" for help.
    1.13 (01-Jun-2022)
        - Added command "sm_doors_glow" to make doors glow, for debug testing.
        - Fixed potentially not finding some relative double doors.
    1.12 (01-Jun-2022)
        - Fixed not finding relative double doors that used only identical targetnames to match. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
    1.11 (01-Jun-2022)
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_random_type" to set if doors should be randomly opened or closed only, or toggled by their current state.
        - Fixed not always opening or closing doors on round restarts. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
        - Restored ability to lock alarmed doors, but plugin no longer randomly opens them. Thanks to "Toranks" for reporting.
    1.10 (30-May-2022)
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_invincible" to control if invincible doors should be allowed (stock game function).
        - Fixed affecting some doors which should be closed for events etc.
        - Fixed double doors not always opening in the same direction.
        - Fixed potentially not working on some round restarts.
    1.9 (30-May-2022)
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_damage_tank" to control a Tanks shove damage on doors.
        - Now requires double doors to be closed before locking.
        - Fixed the damage cvars not following the "0" value to use default game damage.
        - Fixed some doors sometimes becoming invincible and not breaking.
        - Fixed another case where random doors were not set after server start.
    1.8 (29-May-2022)
        - Added cvars "l4d_lock_doors_damage_common", "l4d_lock_doors_damage_infected" and "l4d_lock_doors_damage_survivor" to control shove damage on doors. Thanks to "Maur0" for reporting.
        - Added support for competitive Versus to open/close the same doors for both teams.
        - Now ignores randomly opening a door if it's near an "info_survivor_rescue" entity. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
        - Better handling for opening double doors in the same direction, should work in most cases/maps.
        - Fixed accidental additional character in printing message.
        - Fixed not randomly opening or closing doors on server start.
    1.7 (29-May-2022)
        - Fixed cvar "l4d_lock_doors_random" not setting random door positions on round restart. Thanks to "gongo" for reporting.
    1.6 (29-May-2022)
        - Added command "sm_lock_doors_health" to check a doors health.
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_random" to randomly open or close doors on round start.
        - Fixed the health not being consistently set correctly.
        - Fixed locking or unlocking from opening or closing the door.
        - Fixed issues with double doors not being handled together.
        - Change cvar "l4d_lock_doors_text" description and default value for hint messages printing to all instead of an individual client and vice versa.
        - Thanks to "gongo" for reporting issues and testing.
        - Thanks to "Toranks" for help testing.
    1.5 (20-Jul-2021)
        - Blocked some door models that are missing the door knob animation. Thanks to "sonic155" for reporting.
    1.4 (21-Jun-2021)
        - Added door handle animation and sound when attempting to open a locked door. Requested by "The Renegadist".
    1.3 (18-Aug-2020)
        - Added cvar "l4d_lock_doors_range" to set the distance players must be to lock or unlock doors.
    1.2 (10-May-2020)
        - Extra checks to prevent "IsAllowedGameMode" throwing errors.
        - Various changes to tidy up code.
    1.1 (08-Apr-2020)
        - Changed the lock sound and increased volume.
        - Fixed not working on server start or when the plugin was enabled again. Thanks to "Cuba" for reporting.
    1.0 (07-Apr-2020)
        - Initial Release.

    1. Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.
    2. Optionally download "l4d_lock_doors.cfg" and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\data\ folder to allow or block the plugin on specific maps.

    Updating from 1.15 or older:
    • New cvars have been added: use the Cvar Configs Updater, or delete the old cvars config or manually add them.
    Attached Files
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    File Type: cfg l4d_lock_doors.cfg (1.1 KB, 385 views)

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