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[ANY][06.12.2020] GameVoting v1.9.x [voteban votekick votemute]

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    Simple votekick voteban votemute plugin
    Old 08-21-2012 , 13:34   [ANY][06.12.2020] GameVoting v1.9.x [voteban votekick votemute]
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    Gamevoting 1.9.3 (06.12.2020)
    Light sourcemod plugin for voting (votekick voteban votemute).
    Since 2012.

    Don't use sm plugin reload, sm plugins load, players which on server will not be registered in GameVoting.
    Use map change.

    Working with:
    1. Sourcebans++ (Required: sbpp_main.smx, sbpp_comms.smx)
    2. MaterialAdmin (Required: materialadmin.smx, ma_basecomm.smx)
    3. Basebans.smx Basecomms.smx (included into basic sourcemod)
    * You can use one of these ban systems.

    Chat commands: votekick, voteban, votemute

    1. Replace addons folder :)

    1. Open /cfg/sourcemod/Gamevoting.cfg
    * file will be created after map reload / plugin start

    • Sourcemod 1.10.x or above
    * new Enum struct syntax, sm1.10

    What games support this plugin?
    Where i can see banned, kicked etc players?
    • Ban system (Sourcebans or MaterialAdmin)
    • Log files, located in /sourcemod/logs/gv*.log

    Supports translations?
    Notice: v1.9.3
    Please remove all old plugin files from your server before using this release.
    • addons\sourcemod\plugins\gv.smx
    • addons\sourcemod\translations\phrases.gv.txt
    • addons\sourcemod\scripting\gv.sp
    • cfg\sourcemod\gv.cfg

    Source code

    View old versions | Releases | Discord


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