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[ANY?] No FallDamage (V0.6.3, 03.10.2020)

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    Symply removes a player's FallDamage
    Old 11-10-2011 , 14:45   [ANY?] No FallDamage (V0.6.3, 03.10.2020)
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    I know there are at least 2 plugins that do the same.
    The first plugin is not maintained by its author since it's more a snippet from the forums than a script and it does not handle late-loads.
    The other one uses an extension that is not supported anymore.

    CVAR/Command list
    • sm_nofalldamage_enabled (Default: 1)
      • - Enable/disable FallDamage
    • sm_nofalldamage_teamfilter (Default: 0)
      • Team that should be protected from falldamage, 0 = any, 2 = RED, 3 = BLUE
    • sm_nofalldamage_clientfilter (Default: 0)
      • Clients that should be protected from falldamage, 0 = any, 1 = Only Admins
    • sm_nofalldamage_version
      • Plugin version (not changeable)
    • Put "nofalldamage_sdkhooks.smx" in your "../addons/sourcemod/plugins" directory.
    • Add the above convars that you want to modify in your server.cfg, and edit to your purposes.
    • Refresh your plugin list or load the plugin.


    Servers with this plugin

    This plugin should work in any game that has SdkHooks support.
    Plugin will not compile on the forums due the dependence of SdkHooks
    Teamfiltercheck comes before the clientfiltercheck
    Clientfilter used the generic flag to determine admins and makes use of the command override sm_nofalldamage_immune, look here for information on how you can use this.
    Attached Files
    File Type: smx nofalldamage_sdkhooks.smx (4.1 KB, 445 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (nofalldamage_sdkhooks.sp - 342 views - 3.2 KB)

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