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Simple plugin to notify admins of prior bans upon player connect.
Old 09-01-2010 , 20:18   SourceBans Checker
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As requested here:

SourceBans Checker
Simple plugin to notify admins of prior bans upon player connect.

When a player with prior bans connects, admins with the ban flag (reconfigurable with admin_overrides) will be notified with the following message:
[SBChecker] Warning: Player NameHere has X previous SB bans on record.
The sm_listsbbans command is also available to list the bans:
sm_listsbbans <#userid|name> - Lists a user's prior bans from Sourcebans
Output shows in console in the following format:
Listing bans for PlayerName
Ban Date    Banned By     Length      End Date    R  Reason
2010-07-16  psychonic     60          2010-07-16  E  Douchebaggery
2010-08-01  administr...  10080       2010-08-02  R  Mic-spamming
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