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dynamic v_ model, crosshair angle

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Old 05-25-2017 , 22:13   dynamic v_ model, crosshair angle
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I'm having trouble writing dynamic v_ model system based on EngFunc_CrosshairAngle. I did a second rewrite but I'm trully missing something(skill). The main problem is that the weapon doesn't stay on center, but moves off. How would you attempt to do this?

Let's say a= -25(max right), b = -0.5(center), c=25(max left). The plugin would need to run through this points based on "step sound" event or any other valid ways to determine specific step and current speed. The point is to give the weapon "velocity" so the moving (velocity) between those points would not be linear(kinda stiff) but dynamic, rounded. It would look on the chart something like the infinity symbol(but one dimentional):

My next attempt would be something like moving between two points with values -0.5 and 20(for velocity rounding) and use this number range to represent moving both ways and multiplying by -1.0 at certain times.

How would you do this? Maybe you could provide examples from other games that have dynamic v_ model? My head is exploding.

Here's incomplete second rewrite:
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