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SourceMod 1.7 released!

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Old 03-07-2015 , 02:56   Re: SourceMod 1.7 released!

Originally Posted by ddhoward View Post
So next time a game update causes SourceMod to stop working on that game, the SM developers should spend their time complaining to Valve rather than take the few hours to fix SM around the new changes. Got it.
Maybe if Valve had these on their upgrade pages they might.

When upgrading SourceMod, backwards compatibility is guaranteed except in rare cases.
Note: If a plugin stops working due to a SourceMod upgrade, file a bug report and the development team will assess the situation.
Look, I get it. I'm not trying to come across as an ungrateful user of sourcemod. Nor am I trying to start a fight. I just asked if the Sourcebans issue was going to be fixed. Others had mentioned the problem in previous posts with some things to try. I didn't expect to get jumped on when I asked.

Sourcmod inadvertently broke something that my servers rely on. The Sourcebans project seems to be dead. So now I'm faced with a new install of an unofficial Sourcebans fork or downgrading Souremod. Neither of which sounds too great.

At any rate, I have the utmost respect for the Sourcemod devs.

Be Well,

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