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Sourcebans writing in different language

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Old 07-18-2018 , 14:20   Sourcebans writing in different language
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I've been having this weird issue where SourceBans is giving users messages in Russian rather than in English, this is what a player gets when he's banned and tries to connect to server:
Dropped xxx from server (Вы были забанены на этом сервере, для получения информации посетите: http://xx)
How can I change the language? I couldn't find the config.

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Old 07-18-2018 , 15:45   Re: Sourcebans writing in different language
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First of all, the rules also applies to you; please do NOT blank out posts, and when the solution has been found, post the solution for future readers to read!

The situation with SourceBans is that SourceBans translates phrases, so if someone (whose game is detected to be running in Russian), the kick message for him/her will be in Russian.

The chat message that everyone sees will have the exact "kick reason", meaning that the reason that the user was dropped would (unfortunately) show in Russian for everyone else on the server too.

To avoid that, you have certain options, such as for example:

The caveat of doing this is obviously that the user won't see it in his/her own, local language either.
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