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Solved [L4D2] Killing Special Infected Will Boost Your Speed

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Old 06-13-2022 , 05:01   [L4D2] Killing Special Infected Will Boost Your Speed
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Hello Everyone

I was trying to make a plugin by holding shift button, your speed will be boosted, but since shift is meant to slower your speed, the movement was awkward

So, I made a different idea, which is by killing special infected your speed will be boosted for a while then reset

Its kinda still has the same concept of the HEV Suit in Half Life, I tried to make it in a way as if you are wearing the suit and killing the special infected will give you the fuel for it

- Killing SI Will Boost Your Speed For a Period of Time
- You Can Adjust Your Speed, and Duration

To Do:
- Adding more abilities to the suit > Adjustable (Jump Velocity, Fast Shooting, Fast Reloading, Fast Reviving, Adding +HP After Each kill)
- Cumulative Effect > Ex: Killing 1 SI will give you boost duration for 5 sec, while killing 3 infected at same time will give you 5+5+5 boost duration > I have no idea how to do it

PHP Code:
// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.11.0.6884)
// ConVars for plugin "L4D2_Hazard_Suit.smx"

// Enable/Disable The Hazard Suit Plugin [ 0 = Disable - 1 = Enable ]
// -
// Default: "1"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
l4d2_survivor_boost_allowed "1"

// Set the maximum survivor boost speed [ Normal Game Value = 1 ]
// -
// Default: "1.45"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "2.000000"
l4d2_survivor_boost_speed "1.45"

//  Set the survivor boost speed duration
// -
// Default: "6.0"
l4d2_survivor_boost_duration "6.0" 
PHP Code:
#pragma semicolon 1
#pragma newdecls required
#include <sdktools>
#include <sourcemod>

#define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0"

Handle SurvivorBoostAllowed INVALID_HANDLE;
Handle SurvivorSpeed INVALID_HANDLE;
Handle BoostDuration INVALID_HANDLE;

Plugin myinfo 
name "L4D2 Survivor Booster",
author "alasfourom",
description "Boosting Survivors Speed When Killing Special Infected For Specific Duration",
url "https://forums.alliedmods.net/"

void OnPluginStart()
CreateConVar ("l4d2_hazard_suit_version"PLUGIN_VERSION"L4D2 Hazard Suit" ,FCVAR_SPONLY|FCVAR_NOTIFY|FCVAR_DONTRECORD);
SurvivorBoostAllowed CreateConVar ("l4d2_survivor_boost_allowed""1""Enable/Disable The Hazard Suit Plugin [ 0 = Disable - 1 = Enable ]" ,FCVAR_NOTIFYtrue0.0true1.0);
SurvivorSpeed CreateConVar ("l4d2_survivor_boost_speed""1.45""Set the maximum survivor boost speed [ Normal Game Value = 1 ]" ,FCVAR_NOTIFYtrue0.0true2.0);
BoostDuration CreateConVar("l4d2_survivor_boost_duration""6.0""Set the survivor boost speed duration" ,FCVAR_NOTIFY);
AutoExecConfig (true"L4D2_Hazard_Suit");


void Event_InfectedDeath (Event event, const char[] namebool dontBroadcast)
int victim GetClientOfUserId (event.GetInt("userid")); if (IsClient (victim))
int team GetClientTeam (victim); if (team == TEAM_INFECTED) if (GetConVarBool(SurvivorBoostAllowed))
int attacker GetClientOfUserId (event.GetInt("attacker")); if (IsValidClient (attackerTEAM_SURVIVOR))
            if (!
IsFakeClient (attacker)) StartClientEngine (attackerGetConVarFloat(SurvivorSpeed));
CreateTimer (GetConVarFloat(BoostDuration), StopClientEngineattacker);

stock bool IsClient (int client)
client && client <= MaxClients && IsClientInGame (client);

stock bool IsValidClient(int clientint team)
client && client <= MaxClients && IsClientInGame(client) && GetClientTeam(client) == team;

stock int StartClientEngine (int clientfloat ammount)
SetEntPropFloat (clientProp_Data"m_flLaggedMovementValue"ammount);
PrintHintText(client"Your Suit Engine Started");
Action StopClientEngine (Handle timerany client)
SetEntPropFloat (clientProp_Data"m_flLaggedMovementValue"1.0);
PrintHintText(client"Your Suit Engine Stopped");

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Old 07-04-2022 , 21:52   Re: [L4D2] Speed Booster
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- Need to disable plugin when special infected are using their abilities (Chargers, Smokers, Jockeys, Hunters)
- When boosting speed, movements looks awkward > because it fires multiple times
If someone can help me fix these issues I would really appreciate it


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Old 07-05-2022 , 11:13   Re: [L4D2] Speed Booster
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For Tank, I used m_flStamina once to detect, but don't know if is the best way to check it.

PHP Code:
if (GetEntPropFloat(clientProp_Send"m_flStamina") > 0)
// do (or not) something 
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Old 07-05-2022 , 14:15   Re: [L4D2] Speed Booster
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Thanks Marttt,

I tried to use HookEvent, because I want to disable it once charging start not necessary when charging a survivor

PHP Code:
    HookEvent ("charger_charge_start"Event_InfectedAbilityStart);
HookEvent ("charger_pummel_start"Event_InfectedAbilityStart);
HookEvent ("choke_start",     Event_InfectedAbilityStart);
HookEvent ("lunge_pounce"Event_InfectedAbilityStart);
HookEvent ("jockey_ride"Event_InfectedAbilityStart); 
I'm a bit confused with it, tried many ways but not sure how to make it work.

PHP Code:
public void Event_InfectedAbilityStart (Event event, const char[] namebool dontBroadcast)
int client GetClientOfUserId (event.GetInt("userid"));
    if (
client && IsClientInGame(client) && !IsFakeClient(client) && IsInfected(client))
Speeding [client] = false;
SetEntPropFloat (clientProp_Data"m_flLaggedMovementValue"1.0);

I tried different ways but still didnt work for me

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Old 07-08-2022 , 22:46   Re: [L4D2] Speed Booster
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- You can enable/disable speed boost for each team survivors/infected
- Adjust the speed boost for each team
- Change jump Hight when using speed boost
- Adjust each survivors / infected normal jump height

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Old 07-12-2022 , 05:51   Re: [L4D2] Issue - Player Booster - Shift Boost Your Speed
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Shekels are good, shekels are nice.
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I am available to make plugins for pay.

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Old 07-12-2022 , 12:19   Re: [L4D2] Issue - Player Booster - Shift Boost Your Speed
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The issue was "buttons &= ~IN_SPEED; "

Removed it and its smooth now thanks

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Old 07-13-2022 , 02:31   Re: [L4D2] Issue - Player Booster - Shift Boost Your Speed
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Updated - Concept The Same

- Now its triggered by killing infected rather than when holding Shift Button
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Old 07-18-2022 , 18:55   Re: [L4D2] Killing Special Infected Will Boost Your Speed
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PHP Code:
Call stack trace
Line 67
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