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[TF2] Endless CTF

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Dr. McKay
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Team Fortress 2
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    Prevents resetting the map when a team wins in CTF
    Old 01-22-2022 , 05:29   [TF2] Endless CTF
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    [TF2] Endless CTF


    It's pretty common for players on CTF servers to prefer to deathmatch rather than attempting the objective, but there are also some players who want to play the objective. Rather than set tf_flag_caps_per_round to 0 to prevent rounds from ending, this plugin can be used to allow players to capture the intelligence and win the game, but prevent resetting the entire map and disrupting players who aren't interested in playing the objective.

    This is accomplished by locking tf_flag_caps_per_round to 0 on the server side and using a new sm_flag_caps_per_round cvar to determine how many captures are required before a team wins the game. The value of this cvar is replicated to clients as tf_flag_caps_per_round, so their HUD still shows the appropriate "Playing To: 3" box. When the required number of captures are reached, the score is incremented, the win panel is shown and the winning team is optionally given crit boost, both of which are removed shortly later without resetting the map.

    If you have mp_timelimit set, the round will still end when it elapses.

    The plugin will unload itself on maps that don't start with "ctf_".

    endless_ctf_version - plugin version
    sm_flag_caps_per_round (default 3) - How many times a team must capture the intelligence to win a round. Set to 0 for no limit and thus no round winning.
    endless_ctf_win_panel_time (default 10, minimum 3) - How long to display the win panel after a round is won, in seconds.
    endless_ctf_win_crits_time (default 10) - How long to give the winning team crit boost after a round is won, in seconds. Set to 0 to disable crit boost. Note that players will naturally get crit boost when the intelligence is captured, depending on the value of tf_ctf_bonus_time. The longer of these two values will win.
    endless_ctf_win_sounds (default 1) - Set to 0 to prevent playing the "Victory" and "You Failed" sounds when a round is won.
    endless_ctf_loser_killstreaks (default 1) - If 1, then the highest killstreak shown on the win panel could be someone on the losing team. If 0, then the win panel will only show the highest killstreak from the winning team.
    endless_ctf_reset_flags (default 1) - If 1, then carried/dropped flags will be returned to their homes when a round is won.
    endless_ctf_auto_update (default 1) - Enables automatic updating. Has no effect if Updater is not installed.

    Upload endless_ctf.smx to your /addons/sourcemod directory, and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load endless_ctf" into your console or rcon.

    Auto Update:
    Install Updater. The plugin will be autoupdated according to your Updater settings. It'll work without Updater.

    • v1.2.0 (2/10/22)
      • Added endless_ctf_reset_flags cvar
    • v1.1.0 (2/9/22)
      • Added endless_ctf_loser_killstreaks cvar
    • v1.0.0 (1/22/22)
      • Initial release

    Download Plugin (endless_ctf.smx)
    View Source (endless_ctf.sp)

    Requires updater.inc, mckayupdater.sp to compile.

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