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is hlstatsX down?

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Old 04-08-2018 , 04:02   is hlstatsX down?
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Currently http://www.hlxce.com/ is giving me DNS issues. If i log in as admin on my hlstatsx page i now see this:

Also if i log in as root on MyWebSQL i can see that the hlstats_Livestats table is not counting any of the current ingame players. So far HLstatsX worked great for my community for almost 2 years now. Is this something that has to be fixed on only my end or does this happen for others too?

the hlstatsx plugin is deffently running on all servers, unloading/loading does not display any error messages and the error logs does also not complain about hlstatsX right now. We also run CentOS 7.
Ingame commands such as rank or top12 does not display anything right now, it worked as recent as yesterday although.

Hope this is the right place to talk about issues.

edit: version is 1.6.19

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Old 04-08-2018 , 08:20   Re: is hlstatsX down?
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Alright i got it to run again on my own end. I had forgotten to launch ./run_hlstatsx start after rebooting the dedicated machine. Thread should be closed
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Old 04-10-2018 , 13:38   Re: is hlstatsX down?
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I'm still getting this issue but it's not affecting anything else. Probably could go through the PHP code to remove this part since it hasn't been updated in a very long time.
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Old 04-21-2018 , 14:28   Re: is hlstatsX down?
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Probably stating the obvious, but maybe it helps someone getting rid of this error.

You need to edit the file "updatecheck_helper.php" and replace the URL with a fixed string, e.g. "unknown" (so you know the update check doesn't work) or use the current version number to have the update check always say you're up-to-date (even if there one day actually is an update).

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