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[TF2] Giveaway System

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    Old 03-31-2020 , 18:25   [TF2] Giveaway System
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    [TF2] Giveaway System

    Hi !
    This is the first plugin that I'm posting here. I hope I'm not breaking any rules and I hope you enjoy this plugin.


    This plugin gives you a system that allows admins to host giveaways and randomize winners.
    Players can only win if they enter the giveaway by picking a number with the /ga command.
    At the end of the giveaway event, the random winner's name is displayed via a hud, and he receives a redeem code in order to confirm that he's the real winner in front of the host of the giveaway.
    The plugin only works for TF2 since many TF2 particles and sounds apply to players during the giveaway event.

    NOTE: Multiple giveaways at once are not supported.

    • sm_giveaway_time - Duration of the giveaway event in seconds (default: 20)

    • sm_sga <redeem code> <prize> - Command for admins to start the giveaway event (default flag: RCON).
    • sm_startgiveaway <redeem code> <prize> - Same as above.
    • sm_aga - Command for admins to stop the running giveaway (default flag: RCON).
    • sm_abortgiveaway - Same as above.
    • sm_ga <1-100> - Command for players to pick a number in the range 1-100, in order for them to enter the running giveaway.
    • sm_giveaway <1-100> - Same as above.


    1. Make sure you have MoreColors.inc installed on your server.
    2. Place the .smx file in addons/sourcemod/plugins
    3. Reload the map and enjoy!


    1.0 - Initial Release
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    File Type: smx [TF2] Giveaway.smx (15.8 KB, 31 views)

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    Old 04-13-2020 , 08:49   Re: [TF2] Giveaway System
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    Thanks for the plugin!
    I use it on my Jail Break servers
    Sorry for my English.
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