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[L4D2] Hooking GameRulesProxy

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Old 07-14-2013 , 05:26   [L4D2] Hooking GameRulesProxy
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I write new extension for sourcemod 1.5 and L4D2.
I need hook GameRulesProxy method or something for can make different versions of some offsets in GameRules for all single players in server. GameRules edict have flags for always transmit.

We have a table:
Table: m_iScriptedHUDInts (offset 1164) (type m_iScriptedHUDInts)
Member: 000 (offset 0) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 001 (offset 4) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 002 (offset (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 003 (offset 12) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 004 (offset 16) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 005 (offset 20) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 006 (offset 24) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 007 (offset 2 (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 008 (offset 32) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 009 (offset 36) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 010 (offset 40) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 011 (offset 44) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 012 (offset 4 (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 013 (offset 52) (type integer) (bits 16)
Member: 014 (offset 56) (type integer) (bits 16)

Need make different m_iScriptedHUDInts[0] for all players in server.
1 for player with index 1, 2 for index 2, etc.
How to implement it?

Really need to hook all offsets from 1164 to 1800, and make it all diferent for all players
Sry for my english.
I good speak on russian =)

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Old 07-14-2013 , 07:51   Re: [L4D2] Hooking GameRulesProxy
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You can't transmit differing sendtables to individual clients without lots of pain, the engine packs the diffs together before transmitting, it's also computed on a separate thread.
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