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[L4D2] Use SIG P226 Pistol When Already Equipped Melee v3.28.1 【Unapproved】

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    [L4D2] Use SIG P226 Pistol When Already equipped Melee
    Old 08-14-2021 , 10:39   [L4D2] Use SIG P226 Pistol When Already Equipped Melee v3.28.1 【Unapproved】
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    allow human survivors take out SIG P226 pistol when when already equipped melee weapon,

    just press button "zoom" when active weapon is subtype (default is Mouse 3), and press again to restore your melee. any time try to pickup weapon or switch weapon will automatic restore.

    always automatic restore melee to the bot when player afk.

    once if pickup dual pistols or magnum, or have drop melee, the melee been not able to restore.

    PHP Code:
    // set none zero to show attach when changed to pistol
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    quick_pistol_attach_show "1"

    // attach angles of chainsaw, split up with ";"
    // -
    // Default: "90.0;0.0;0.0"
    quick_pistol_chainsaw_ang "90.0;0.0;0.0"

    // attach positions of chainsaw, split up with ";"
    // -
    // Default: "20.0;5.0;0.0"
    quick_pistol_chainsaw_pos "20.0;5.0;0.0"

    // clip scale to pistol single storage when take pistol magnum
    // -
    // Default: "1.875"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    quick_pistol_magnum_clip_scale "1.875"

    // attach angles of other melee, split up with ";"
    // -
    // Default: "0.0;-90.0;0.0"
    quick_pistol_melee_ang "0.0;-90.0;0.0"

    // attach positions of other melee, split up with ";"
    // -
    // Default: "15.0;0.0;0.0"
    quick_pistol_melee_pos "15.0;0.0;0.0" 
    change log:
    3.28.1 update (2021-10-21):
    improve code.
    3.28.0 update (2021-10-20):
    still save some clip to pistol single when take dual pistol or magnum.
    these sm_cvar are changed, please remove the old cfg file and automatic spawn a new one by run game.
    3.27.5 update (2021-10-16):
    since the version, won't change filename with update.
    3.27.4 update (2021-10-16):
    standardization code.
    3.27.3 update (2021-10-13):
    improve code.
    3.27.2 update (2021-10-12):
    improve code.
    3.27.1 update (2021-10-12):
    still show attach when hold some items.
    3.27 update (2021-10-11):
    disable the function when character is at the sequence unable to switch weapon.
    3.26 update (2021-10-11):
    fix some issues of init when survivor_rescued.
    3.25 update (2021-10-05):
    standardization code.
    3.24 update (2021-10-02):
    won't reset the pistol's clip to 0 when pick up a pistol from class "weapon_spawn" with changed pistol.
    3.23 update (2021-10-02):
    improve attach Collision.
    3.22 update (2021-09-30):
    rollback attach show to original design, imrove default postions and angles.
    3.21 update :
    attach is design to show to others but not owner on thirdperson.
    3.20 update :
    fix some cases still respawn/rescued with the melee when dead.
    3.19 update :
    automatic change melee when given item from teammate. standardization event symbols.
    3.18 update :
    make buttons detect similar to original game.
    3.17 update :
    clean up code.
    3.16 update (reupload for clean up code.):
    rollback function changes in 3.15, cause break player high skill reply to smoker.
    maybe i'll find a better detect for these.
    3.15 update :
    won't allow selecting melee or pistol when get controlled by special infected.
    improve code.
    3.14 update (reupload):
    flush attach as soon as possible, fix attach postion deviation when changed self-model.
    3.12 update (reupload):
    improve code.
    3.11 update:
    clean up some unnecessary functions.
    these sm_cvar are changed, please remove the old cfg file and automatic spawn a new one by run game.
    3.10 update:
    improve code.
    3.9 update:
    disable selecting and attach show when on a ladder.
    3.8 update:
    make sure every level first time change to pistol, the clip is full.
    3.7 update:
    improve code.
    deny automatic chagne melee when taked some un-auto-switchable items, such as gascan, pain pills, first aid kit..
    3.6 update:
    minor improve.
    3.5 update:
    remove melee attach whiling try to use something, help to use out-side safehouse door.
    automatic chagne melee when grabbed any new weapon.
    3.4 update:
    when rescued, the melee when dead will lose.
    3.2 to 3.3 update:
    minor improve.
    3.1 update:
    fix chainsaw automatic drop issues.
    3.0 update: 
    better before-pickup-other-subweapon restore, fix reviving animation lose when changed to pistol.
    2.7 update (reupload): 
    fix some issues.
    2.6 update: 
    better compatibility with some special basic melee.
    add new better campaign(first map) detect from Left 4 DHooks Direct.
    these sm_cvar are changed, please remove the old cfg file and automatic spawn a new one by run game.
    2.5 update: 
    fix automatic drop invalid melee(hunter claw) makes hands unvisible.
    2.4 update(reupload): 
    add some sm_cvar to config attach show, check for the cfg file "quick_pistol.cfg" !.
    2.1 to 2.3 update: 
    minor improve.
    2.0 update: 
    show melee when changed to pistol.
    1.26 update: 
    fix Cold Stream first map missing init. 
    1.25 update (ROLLBACK): 
    compatible with 3rd party map custom melee.
    automatic drop invalid melee take by level skip. 
    init compatible with all side mode(versus, survival, scavenge, mutations). 
    automatic restore melee after round start/ afk/ revived/ been ledge/ respawned. 
    better data sync with bot corresponding spectator.

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    Old 12-07-2021 , 22:14   Re: [L4D2] Use SIG P226 Pistol When Already Equipped Melee v3.28.1
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    good idea, unfortunately my melee floating on air so weird
    and does way for magnum and melee compatible like dual weapon?
    receiver/provider from chi

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