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Old 12-19-2012 , 17:00   Translation Project Website
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Hi all,

In the spirit of having SourceMod plugins be supported in as many languages possible, I thought it would be useful to have a website that allowed plugin developers to upload phrase files, and allow the community to add translations to those phrases.

The idea for this website came after reading through the Translation Project thread by lokizito that has been on the SourceMod forums. I felt that a website would be a more efficient way of translating plugins.

Just a note to everyone: This is alpha software right now. I haven't worked out all the bugs, but I would appreciate any feature requests/ideas/issues that anybody has.

The website:

Features so far:
  • Authentication via Steam. Sign-in with your Steam account.
  • Create a new plugin, and upload a phrase file. Once you have the initial phrases added, your plugin will show up on the main list.

Allowed Upload Formats:
  • A single phrase file with one set of translations
  • A single phrase file with multiple languages (preferred)
  • A zip archive of all languages. (The filenames MUST match the plugin you added)

While you can upload a ZIP archive, you might get a 503 error. If you get this, then you should try uploading each language individually. (I know, it needs to be fixed, but I haven't gotten to it yet.)

Exports Available:
  • A single phrase file with all languages
  • A zip archive with translations separated into language folders

Planned features:
  • Reputation system: Users with more translations would be given more weight, and could remove/update poor translations
  • Reporting/Flagging: Right now there is no abuse protection (plugin owners can remove bad translations)

Current Issues:
  • The Phrase file parser is picky. Block comments that span multiple lines are not supported
  • If you put a comment at the end of a translation line, you might have problems.

I have added the SourceMod core plugins to the site, and so you can look around and see what is available. Feel free to add your own plugins.

If the site is very slow, then give it a minute and refresh. It gets idled after 1 hour
SourceMod Plugin Translation App: App Website | Forum Post | Get your plugin translated!

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