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[CS:S/CS:GO] DM (Deathmatch) 2.1.0

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    Deathmatch for Counter-Strike: Source/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    Old 07-25-2007 , 01:56   [CS:S/CS:GO] DM (Deathmatch) 2.1.0

    After more than half a year without any major incidents from Valve, I have released a complete rewrite to CS:S DM. This version is more flexible, stable, and faster - and it's powered by SourceMod!

    If you are upgrading from CS:S DM 0.9x, delete it entirely. If you are upgrading from a CS:S DM 2.0.0 Beta, make sure to update the gamedata file.

    Forum: Click here

    Snapshots (with CS:GO support): Click here

    Download: Click here

    Installation/Config: Click here

    Click Here to automatically convert old cssdm.cfg files to the new cvar format.

    Bugs Reports and Feature Requests:
    Click here to visit the bug tracker. If you have Windows, please attach an mdmp. If you have Linux, please attach or link to a core file (or e-mail it to [email protected]). Core files can be generated with "ulimit -c unlimited" in your shell console.

    This marks a huge rewrite and vast improvement to CS:S DM. It is also open source now. Click here to get the source code!

    Full changelog:
    2.0.0 Final - July 25, 2007
    - Fixed a bug where infinite ammo was not disabled when DM was not running.
    2.0.0 Beta 4 - July 1, 2007
    - Enabling "buy" in cssdm.equip.txt now disables the equip menu.
    - Fixed cssdm_bots_balance not working after mapchange.
    - Fixed an RTE in spawn protection.
    - Fixed a crashbug on mapchange.
    - Fixed bug where FFA would not work after one mapchange.
    - Fixed FFA not working entirely right on Windows.
    2.0.0 Beta 1 - June 24, 2007
    - Rewrote CS:S DM to be a SourceMod extension.
    - CS:S DM is now open source, under the GNU General Public License.
    - CS:S DM's spawning, equipment, and other features have been moved
      to SourceMod plugins.
    - Most configuration options are now cvars; a new per-map config system is
      now in place.
    - CS:S DM can now be translated to different languages.
    - cssdm_enable/disable, cssdm_ffa_enable/disable are removed in favor of
      cssdm_enabled/cssdm_ffa_enabled cvars.
    - cssdm_password/cssdm_login are removed in favor of SourceMod's admin
    - Improved CS:S DM's removal of dropped items (including defusekits).
    - Improved CS:S DM's spawning of late joined players, players joining
      a team after spectating, and late joining of bots.
    - Greatly improved the intelligence of the weapons menu.  It will now
      choose not to display if it knows only one or less items can be 
    - Added a "Random Weapons" feature to the weapon menus.
    - Removed the grenade and armor menus.
    - Added a new interactive spawn point editor ("cssdm_spawn_menu").
    - Added a plugin to manage bot_quota correctly.
    - Removed cssdm_addspawn.
    - Improved bot support for automatic items.
    - Fixed a bug where C4 would be removed when CS:S DM was disabled.
    - The "respawn" command will now properly obey spawn wait times.
    - Updates are easier to patch; a text file holds all internal offsets.

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    Old 07-25-2007 , 01:59   Re: CS:S DM 2.0.0

    This thread is for informational purposes only. See the CS:S DM forums for more information or support:

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    Old 07-25-2007 , 02:32   Re: CS:S DM (Deathmatch) 2.0.0

    nice, desu
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