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Vehicle Kills

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Old 10-07-2004 , 04:32   Vehicle Kills
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Vehicle Kills 1.25
by Damaged Soul

AMX Mod X Version: 1.75 and above
Supported Mods: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

This plugin allows players to see death messages that can show who killed whom with a vehicle.

Required Modules

  • Cvars
    • amx_vk_frags [Default Value: 1]
      • Determines how many frags a player gets for killing someone on the other team with a vehicle
    • amx_vk_tkpenalty [Default Value: 1]
      • Determines how many frags a player loses for killing someone on the same team with a vehicle
    • amx_vk_tkpunish [Default Value: 0]
      • Determines whether or not to instantly kill a player when they kill a teammate with a vehicle
      • If set to 1, a TKer will be killed directly after killing someone on the same team with a vehicle
      • If set to 0, then the plugin will do nothing directly after killing someone on the same team with a vehicle
    • amx_vk_version
      • Shows the version of the plugin
Version History
  • 1.25 [July 4, 2006]
    • Added: amx_vk_version cvar for more easily finding a server with this plugin
    • Death messages are now also done via emessage_begin which now allows team kill plugins, such as ATAC, to detect vehicle kills. This should allow things such as forgiving the team kill.
    • No longer relies on the Engine module
  • 1.22 [Apr. 26, 2006]
    • Added: amx_vk_tkpunish cvar that when set to 1 will instantly kill a player after they kill a teammate
    • Fixed: No death message appeared when there was a suicide involving a vehicle (somehow the bug returned or wasn't fixed properly the first time)
  • 1.21 [Apr. 23, 2006]
    • Fixed: As a side effect of replacing suicides with vehicle deaths in the HL logs, chat logging (as well as most logged information from CS/CZ) was blocked
  • 1.20 [Apr. 21, 2006]
    • Minor optimizations to code
    • Now uses the pcvar natives for getting values of cvars
    • Fixed: Runtime errors involving invalid players
    • Fixed: When a true suicide involving a vehicle occurred no death message appeared at all
    • Fixed: Vehicle deaths were still being reported as suicides in standard HL logs
  • 1.10 [Oct. 7, 2004]
    • Public release
    • Changed to no longer rely on fun module
    • Added: amx_vk_tkpenalty cvar for how many frags to subtract for team killing with a vehicle
  • 1.00 [Oct. 4, 2004]
    • Initial version
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