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[CS:GO] Chat Links

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Counter-Strike: GO
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    A CS:GO Plugin that gives clients a menu to print links for the server.
    Old 05-28-2020 , 16:48   [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    Bazooka's CS:GO Chat Links Plugin

    For my first plugin, I wanted to start with something simple so I could learn how everything was done. This plugin is meant to read from a .txt file and place links into an in-game menu for clients to choose a link. When a client chooses a menu item, it will print the corresponding link from the .txt file into the client's chat and console to copy and paste. In addition, each item in the .txt file is registered as its own command which prints the same link. This process used to be simple with bringing up htmlmod, but now my retake server needed another way to share their info, so I'll share what I developed. There may be other plugins that do this, but since I did the work, I thought I would share it. The only external files this plugin needs is Multicolors, which is included in the download.


    First, add the link in question to configs/chat_links.txt. This file uses the format: "command" *tab* "link". With command being the same text that displays as menu item, as well as the registered command. Do not include "!" within the .txt file command, as that is handled internally. More usage is included in the file itself.

    This is what the clients in game will see when they use the "!links" command. This menu will reflect the current .txt file, and be refreshed on every map change.

    This is what is sent to the client's chat, as well as console, upon choosing a menu item.

    GitHub Repo

    chatlinks_directories: includes all necessary files in the proper sourcemod directories (including Multicolors)
    Get Plugin does not work as Multicolors is not in the compiler, so just use .smx file and source code
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip chatlinks_directories.zip (33.0 KB, 274 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (chat_links.sp - 125 views - 6.0 KB)
    File Type: smx chat_links.smx (15.4 KB, 104 views)
    File Type: txt chat_links.txt (540 Bytes, 124 views)
    Get in touch:
    [email protected]
    Discord: bazooka#0062
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    Old 05-28-2020 , 20:20   Re: [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    Plugin functions nicely thanks! (:
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    Old 07-07-2020 , 07:19   Re: [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    I've been looking at chat_links.sp to find modify the loop speed and the loop message for better context. I want to compile, but I don't know how thanks to the lack of Multicolors. Can you please help me on this?
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    Old 07-07-2020 , 12:53   Re: [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    In my opinion, in 2020 almost unusable
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    Old 07-15-2020 , 01:41   Re: [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    Originally Posted by DeadSwim View Post
    In my opinion, in 2020 almost unusable
    Is there something better already out? (: I'm curious haha
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    Old 03-06-2021 , 05:39   Re: [CS:GO] Chat Links
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    Maybe add a cvar to disable & enable advertise message?
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