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    Commands for everyone to get where a player is connected from
    Old 08-10-2007 , 03:03   Get Location
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    This is my first plugin, so started small and simple.

    Provides commands for any player to find out where a player is connected from. Only tells them the country, protects other player's ips.

    Sourcemod revision 1300 or greater


    sm_location <name|#userid> -- Gets a single player's locaton, prints to chat
    sm_locations -- Gets everyones' location, prints to menu or console if rcon or according to cvar

    sm_getlocation_announce - 1(on, default)/0 (off) - Announce player locations on connect
    sm_getlocation_inmenu - 1(menu, default) 2(console) - Display Locations in 1)menu[Default] or 0)console

    0.1 > First Version
    0.2 > Update for new GeoIP functions, NEED >r1300
    0.3 > Fixed running cmds through rcon, added respond with server ip for bots
    0.4 > added connect annouce and prevent it from crashing server when a player
    disconnects while entering (NOT RELEASED)
    0.5 > Menus added

    Things to come:
    Make any more suggestions??

    I don't plan for this to be a big plugin but I'm open to suggestions. Please abuse the hell out of my plugin so i can learn Pawn better.

    Thanks to:
    BAILOPAN -- For everything he does and helping me at random times
    pRED -- for helping me get started in Pawn
    sslice -- for his crazy coding help/suggestions
    FlyingMongoose -- for help at times
    -- for help at times and his warped mind
    #sorucemod idlers for comments
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