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[TF2] Kill-Streak Tracker and Sounds 3.2 *Sql support!

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Team Fortress 2
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    Kind of like quake sounds, but with tf2 sounds. Tracks kill-streaks, Optional sql support
    Old 03-24-2009 , 15:46   [TF2] Kill-Streak Tracker and Sounds 3.2 *Sql support!
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    Polish Translation + English Fixes : Zuko

    Uses Colors.inc


    r5053 for the n1g script, helped me a lot to understand sql and sourcemod.
    DarthNinja for Fish kill fix

    Versions: (full changelog in plugin source code)

    - fix sounds to use new mp3 voice overs
    - fix derpy bug that disabled sounds when they should be enabled and vise versa

    - add convar to disable sound

    - add sql support
    - recode crap
    - add clientpref support to allow clients to disable sounds and hint messages
    - add enable/disable convar
    - add convar to control how many players need to be connected before it will record scores to the database
    - add convar to decide whether or not to count bots in deciding how many people are playing
    - fix database resetting
    - fix say command doing stuff when console uses it
    - Moved DarthNinja's fish kill fix to the main post
    - Disable particle attachment to spies

    SQL Support

    Keep track of who has achieved the highest streak

    The plugin will search for a database config called "orgasm" for mysql and multiple servers, if not, then it will try to use a sqlite database for local storage.

    The plugin should work fine if the database convar is disabled.

    If the database convar is enabled, and it cannot connect to a database, then it will enter fail-state.

    say StreakTop or TopStreak to display to the top menu.

    clients are deleted after a set amount of days (def 15)

    ROOT COMMAND sm_orgasm_reset resets the database.

    Kinda like a simple TF2 style quake sounds.
    - players first blood sound to all
    - plays sounds to client on certain intervals

    Kill streaks reset on death and spawn.

    Databases.cfg entry (for global streak tracking)... no configuration required for local storage
            "driver"            "mysql"
            "host"                "<< my address >>"
            "database"            "<< my database name>>"
            "user"                "<< my user name>>"
            "pass"                "<< my password>>"
            //"timeout"            "0"
            "port"            "3306"
    - make a better menu
    - add some kind of reward
    - add preference so people can choose whether or not to have the sounds play to them
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