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Solved (Private Request) RC bomb

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Old 01-14-2020 , 15:24   (Private Request) RC bomb
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Hello, I'm looking for someone who could do the following edits to this plugin (link down). [Private Request]
-Remove the XP thing which comes with stuns
-Remove the bomb zone stuff
-Prevent the player from spawning the monster truck close to other players (50 unit)
-Add an effect that shows a preview (an addictive hologram) of the monster truck which switches colors between Blue/Yello (Blue -> Ready to spawn) (Yellow -> Can't be spawned & give a player a message that he can't spawn it if he presses -1-) [Keep in mind that I don't want a Glowshell, I want it like the one in the start of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Fr_dZgp3E & not solid ofc] along with a Cvar to disable/enable the whole hologram thing for everyone.
Edit 1: I want the hologram to disappear in case the player dies or spawns it from the menu. I also don't want it to appear if the player doesn't have the menu opened.
*Car Spawn/De-spawn
I want it to be done through a menu, but first, there should be a variable that controls how many cars the player has before spawning so I could adapt the plugin to whatever mode I want.
the menu options would be:
1- Spawn Monster Truck //Players press 1 to spawn it where they aim at, shouldn't work if the variable is < 1 or if the player is dead ofc.
2- Take back monster Truck //Players press 2 to de-spawn it (No explosion, player takes his car back)
3- Switch Pov (the player camera and this monster truck)
Right Mouse -> Jump button instead of Duck
Left Mouse -> Explode [Deals (500~1500 Damage to a zombie)] Please keep in mind that I want a range based damage, so close players get higher damage than the far players.
W -> Move forward
D -> Move to the right side (using a turning radius, not just a sudden direction change)
A -> Move to the left side (using a turning radius, not just a sudden direction change)
S -> Nothing (The monster truck shouldn't move back)

I guess that's all, this is a private request which means I will pay via Paypal.
If you can do it, please let me know down here or hit me up but keep in mind that I will send the money to your PayPal account, so in case if you don't have a PayPal I can't really deal with you.

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