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Hero: Ken

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Old 12-05-2006 , 23:15   Re: Hero: Ken
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Heres a amxx version. it should work fine.
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Old 12-06-2006 , 19:05   Re: Hero: Ken
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Well 1 think... The Ken at Street Fight has an Spinning air kick... the UpperCut is Ryo but its ok... What about another hero called Ryu with this pasted ??

2 binds...
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Old 12-25-2006 , 01:01   Re: Hero: Ken
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Originally Posted by imported_Slayer View Post
Heres a amxx version. it should work fine.
thx alot now it works much better and my server is better
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Old 01-08-2007 , 14:01   Re: Hero: Ken
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Attached is my ken file. I noted early in the thread I had trouble getting this to work. Well I guess it's just REALLY hard to hit with...I started by removing the code taht stoped it from being used in mid air (cause KEN definately dragon punches from mid air...) and that made it a little better.

Well my playerbase at that point found a decent way to use it, blink at the ground near an oppenent then ken and you can land underneath them, and shoot staight up...

This gave me the idea to just plain add the blink code to the ken script, and I did so. It works like a charm! I'm posting here for testing and to get feedback!

All props to neogaidenx for his original idea, I just wanted to share my findings.

-edit- This needs a tweak. Currently the way this hero works you hold down the key, and your flames persist. While in the middle of this you can continue to blink, bathook, and nightcrawler, while on fire still...which is not the plan!

-edit ii- Finally got this hero functioning the way I envisioned it. I adressed a lag issue which resulted from the calling of the same sound and image functions over and over. I also ended up fixing the phenomenon where this hero would hit more than once. The flags are in place which make this hero excute one time only...allowing for consistant control over the damage cvar. And to fix the Key Down glitch I removed the entire key_up function and replaced it with a set_task to just end the Shoryuken after one second of 'looking' for a player to punch.

Enjoy this tweaked shodo punch!

ken_level 0
ken_upcdamage 1600        // Damage of uppercut (default 30)
ken_upcheight 280        // Height of jump when using uppercut (default 380)
ken_upcheight2 400        // Height of victim blown (default 600)
ken_cooldown 32        // Must wait for # seconds till next shot is available (default 5)
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Old 01-10-2007 , 02:09   Re: Hero: Ken
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-edit ii- Fixed - See Above

Also, it seems this hero has a tendancy to 'hit more than once'. IE - the damage cvar is 800 and it will straight kill you even at 3000 health. This seems to happen when they're stuck either in walls or stuck in the ground 'as if' they were in a wall. I've noted the same phenomenon with Frieza's Energy Disk. The slower it is, the more times it hits, the more damage it deals. On my server the disk is set to approxamately 600 speed and the damage to 200, and can easily deal 1200 damage...if you 'spin' and do a multihit you can easily clear 3000 damage.

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Old 01-11-2008 , 21:22   Re: Hero: Ken
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man my server is laggy and i need some help making it faster plzzz
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Old 05-16-2015 , 20:29   Re: Hero: Ken
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Changed Ken around again so he actually works and is very useful.

The Ken Masters power feels more like a real Shoryuken now. Notably we have taken the ironman jetpack and borrowed it for parts of the movement handling. We have modified the jetpack action to run in reverse when you start in midair, allowing for slick downward uppercut swoops. Use height to go faster and deal more damage. Full details below.

v 0.1.4 beta - May 21, 2015 - heliumdream
- added function distance_to_ground(id) to properly calculate player z-height. -credit: jimaway
- changed modified_shoryuken() to base its height off this new function instead of origin vec[2]

v 0.1.3 beta - May 16, 2015 - heliumdream
- expansive usability update
- renamed "Ken Masters"
- cleaned up code; updated legacy calls; removed prethink and posthink;
- changed upcheight to thrust (and fixed it) and upcheight2 to vicheight
- remodelled script after the ironman jetpack hero, using it's movement to make the Ken Masters power feel more like a real Shoryuken.
- added gAirFlag and handling to recognize when your in midair; allowing for downward swoops
- moved explode_radius check from on keydown to ken_end.
- created modified_shoryuken() and switch cases for modifying global variables based on z-height (vec[2])
- note: the switch cases are hardcoded and use relative values. tinker at your own risk.
- note2: the z-height check is based on player origin; it cannot detect height above objects or your originated from a rooftop or platform. there are other jump height code solutions that compute height by vector and framerate, i found those to be super wonkey in terms of what i'm trying to accomplish. ultimately i'd like a way to check for and subtract the height of any object that traces beneath your x,y origin providing a more accurate z-height. i'm looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this; i will also post in script help.

v 0.1.2 beta - May 13, 2015 - heliumdream
- changed hero design for flavor
- added explode_radius check on keydown
- removed blink code, radius check allows for more friendly hit detection
- considering expansive usability update

v 0.1.1 beta - Jan 08, 2007 - heliumdream
- added blink code; users noted that the shoryuken was very hard to hit with otherwise

/* CVARS - copy and paste to shconfig.cfg

//Ken Masters
ken_level 0
ken_timer 0.1			//How often (seconds) to run the loop 0.1
ken_duration 1.2		//How long the Shoryuken lasts 1.2
ken_thrust 125			//The upward boost every loop 125
ken_maxspeed 400		//Max x and y speeds (while in air) 400
ken_xymult 1.05			//Multiplies the current x,y vector when moving 1.05
ken_cooldown 6			// Must wait for # seconds till next shot is available (default 6)
ken_maxdamage 100		// Damage of uppercut (default 100)
ken_vicheight 380		// Max height of victim blown (default 380)
ken_radius 300			// Radius of effect if no Shoryuken victim (def=300)
Attached Files
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (sh_ken.sma - 539 views - 17.4 KB)

Thank you for playing.

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