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Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)

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The Art of War
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Old 06-29-2011 , 12:30   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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Originally Posted by dweeb View Post
How does it work ???
it didn't work for me when i compiled it
I'm going to assume that you dont have this?..

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Old 05-10-2013 , 04:17   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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add player model pls?
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Old 05-20-2013 , 12:37   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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oh yes pleaase add the modle
you can find it here : http://csastuce.blogspot.com/2013/04/model-naruto.html
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Old 02-04-2014 , 09:01   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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pls help me ,,, i do not know where should I put the file [INC] CHR Engine . thanks
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Old 04-01-2015 , 09:07   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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Crash. Pls help
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Old 05-09-2015 , 19:43   Re: Hero: Naruto (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
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Finally got around to installing this hero and playing with; and just wow! Suuuper good work and props to the original author 1sh0t2killz.

Not many people even play this anymore; but I'm posting this update anyway.
I have addressed some usability + stability issues.

I have made two new cvars - activetime and clonehealth.
Also only one player can activate this hero at a time now; two clones on the map make weird things happen.
As well as various message updates to clarify wtf is going on.

I realize it is formally not my place to make version updates, but I have amended the change log as such anyway. The author of the hero made it clear this was okay in his absence.

Thank you for playing.

	v 0.9.30 beta - May 9, 2015
		- usability + stability update - edit by heliumdream for [db]Clan Superheroes Server
		- added reset events on respawn and disconnect to remove clone 
		- added check so only one player can use naruto at a time (multiple simultaneous users caused strange bot action, origin, and clip issues) - new var bot_userid
		- added timer by task and cvar to control how long the clone is active - new cvar naruto_activetime
		- added naruto_clonehealth cvar

//Naruto Uzumaki
naruto_level 25
naruto_damage 6				//The amount of damage each bullet does
naruto_rdamage 300			//The Rasengan damage
naruto_activetime 40.0		//The maximum time the shadow clone is active
naruto_cooldown 20			//The time players have to wait to summon the shadow clone again
naruto_delayshot 0.1		//How fast the shadow clone shoots his gun, the lower the number, the faster the gun shoots
naruto_maxchakra 15			//The max chakra the player can use
naruto_rasengancost 7		//How much chakra the Rasengan uses
naruto_sfxradius 100		//Summon effects radius, how far the cylinder goes while a player is summoning
naruto_hitchance 35			//How often the shadow clone hits its target the given percentage
naruto_clonehealth 200 		//How much health the shadow clone has
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