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Is this plugin coded properly? (CS:GO EQUPMENT)

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Old 05-16-2018 , 16:33   Is this plugin coded properly? (CS:GO EQUPMENT)
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A friend made a plugin that displays team economy and gear using sprites placed above everyones head.
The idea is taken from CS:GO and there is already a server running a stable version very similar to this but they do not wish to share.
Unfortunately my friends plugin crashes the server a lot, and it has been hard to find what is causing this which is sad because it truly is a nice plugin.
I was wondering if someone in here could take a look at the code and maybe see if something is not done right, or share ideas on what the problem could be.

I remember this plugin crashing my server on three different occasions.
Once with 10 players in the 7th round.
Once when I was alone on the server, I think it was the third round.
And another time with 10 players on the fourth round.

Every crash has been at the start of a new round.
I know people have had similar issues that can be found in the last few pages of this thread.

Thank you very much.
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Old 05-21-2018 , 10:33   Re: Is this plugin coded properly? (CS:GO EQUPMENT)
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It will be easier for us to figure out what's wrong with the code, if you post the debug messages that the server console shows. To enable debug messages; add "debug" after the plugin name in the plugins.ini

Like so:
showequips.amxx debug
When the server crashes, look into logs and post the error that caused server to crash along with debug trace messages.

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Old 05-21-2018 , 12:13   Re: Is this plugin coded properly? (CS:GO EQUPMENT)
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One traditional error is that game will crash due to max entities limit reach. If this isn't the case, the do as akcaliberg said, and reply afterwards.
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