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Solved [HELP] Particle precache with invalid handle

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Old 01-04-2020 , 13:07   [HELP] Particle precache with invalid handle
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I'm using zombie plague's framework: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=290657
When I import ZP's code about particle to my own, I found that here is an error occurs but several months ago it could work.

PHP Code:
L 01/05/2020 00:53:11: [SMException reportedInvalid Handle 0 (error 4)
L 01/05/2020 00:53:11: [SMCall stack trace:
L 01/05/2020 00:53:11: [SM]   [0SDKCall
L 01
/05/2020 00:53:11: [SM]   [1Line 170modules/manager/visualeffects/part
L 01
/05/2020 00:53:11: [SM]   [2Line 51modules/manager/visualeffects/parti
The code is shown below:

PHP Code:
Handle hSDKCallContainerFindTable;

Address pNetworkStringTable;

void ParticlesOnCacheData()
// Validate that table is exist and it empty
Address pTable ParticlesFindTable("ParticleEffectNames");
pTable != Address_Null && !ParticlesCount())
// Opens the file
File hFile OpenFile("particles/particles_manifest.txt""rt"true);
// If doesn't exist -> stop
if(hFile == null)
SetFailState("Error opening file: \"particles/particles_manifest.txt\"");

// Read lines in the file
static char sPath[256];
// Checks if string has correct quotes
int iQuotes CountCharInString(sPath'"');
iQuotes == 4)
// Trim string

// Copy value string
strcopy(sPathsizeof(sPath), sPath[strlen("\"file\"")]);
// Trim string
// Strips a quote pair off a string 

// Precache model
int i; if(sPath[i] == '!'i++;
PrecacheGeneric(sPath[i], true);
ParticlesClearTable(pTable); /// HACK~HACK
                /// Clear tables after each file because some of them contains
                /// huge amount of particles and we work around the limit

Address ParticlesFindTable(char[] sTable)

I don't know why this error occurs....

UPDATE: This problem points to find signature eventually.
It seems that Valve has changed "CParticleSystemDictionary::~CParticleSystemD ictionary" address.
But overall, it solved, for me, at least.

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