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Server Groups

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Old 09-17-2013 , 20:15   Server Groups
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Does anyone know if there is a SQL query I can run to give all admins access to a specified server group? This would be a lot easier than editing them individually.
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Old 09-18-2013 , 15:08   Re: Server Groups
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If you have access to PHPMyAdmin you could probably build one yourself without much issue. (I unfortunately don't have a database to test with at the moment.
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Old 09-25-2013 , 09:04   Re: Server Groups
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There's a sm_overrides table that allows you to override commands when you run the sourcemod command in server console: sm_create_adm_tables
Also sm_admin_group(what ever it's name is I don't got access to my database to check), you define which admins are in which group:
Eg for me
Group 1 is owner
I'm index 1 as an admin
in the table sm_admin_group(index, admin index, group index) I put: 1 1 1
To sourcemod this is: the entry in table is read first because it's index 1, it locates admin index 1 which is associated with my entry in sm_admins table, it then finds group index 1 which is the Owner group which has all the flags defined for it, sourcemod assigns me to Owner group and grants me it's rights(which is every flag defined by sourcemod)

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