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overrides Admin Command not working.

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Old 03-17-2019 , 05:57   overrides Admin Command not working.
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I need to overrides admin command but it not working i need some help


"flags" "abcejknp"
"immunity" "3"
"sm_admin" "allow"
"sm_kick" "allow"
"sm_unban" "allow"
"sm_god" "allow"
"sm_noclip" "allow"
"sm_mute" "allow"
"sm_gag" "allow"
"sm_makmeeinvis_toggle" "allow"
"sm_votekick" "allow"
"sm_voteban" "allow"
"sm_vote" "allow"
"sm_buddha" "allow"
"sm_cancelvote" "allow"
"sm_cap_disable" "allow"
"sm_chat" "allow"
"sm_mortal" "allow"
"sm_rename" "allow"
"sm_spyvision" "allow"
"sm_tele" "allow"
"sm_team" "allow"
"sm_ungag" "allow"
"sm_unmute" "allow"
"sm_who" "allow"
"sm_rof" "allow"
"sm_aia" "allow"
"sm_freeze" "allow"
"sm_burn" "allow"
"sm_timebomb" "allow"
"sm_setspeed" "allow"
"sm_unsetspeed" "allow"
"sm_sethealth" "allow"
"sm_resetspeed" "allow"
"sm_ban" "allow"

and admin_overrides.cfg

* By default, commands are registered with three pieces of information:
* 1)Command Name (for example, "csdm_enable")
* 2)Command Group Name (for example, "CSDM")
* 3)Command Level (for example, "changemap")
* You can override the default flags assigned to individual commands or command groups in this way.
* To override a group, use the "@" character before the name. Example:
* Examples:
* "@CSDM" "b" // Override the CSDM group to 'b' flag
* "csdm_enable" "bgi" // Override the csdm_enable command to 'bgi' flags
* Note that for overrides, order is important. In the above example, csdm_enable overwrites
* any setting that csdm_enable previously had.
* You can make a command completely public by using an empty flag string.
"sm_ks" ""

I need someone help. <3
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