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Help with Monster Mod

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Old 08-07-2010 , 19:31   Help with Monster Mod
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Personally, I reset the server, its in time, but now I have another problem, I can not activate the plugin Monster and Booster!
My plugins.ini in the metamod folder:

; AMX Mod X
linux addons/amxmodx/dlls/amxmodx_mm_i386.so

; Monster Plugin
linux addons/monster/dlls/monster_mm_i386.so

; HL Guard
linux addons/hlguard/dlls/hlguard_mm_i686.so

; Booster
linux addons / booster / booster.so

My Meta list :

Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm_i386. v1.8.1.3 ini Start ANY
[ 2] <monster_mm_i38 badf load monster_mm_i386. v - ini - -
[ 3] HLGuard RUN - hlguard_mm_i686. v1.8 ini Chlvl Chlvl
[ 4] <booster.so> badf load booster.so v - ini - -
[ 5] Fun RUN - fun_amxx_i386.so v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 6] Engine RUN - engine_amxx_i386 v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 7] FakeMeta RUN - fakemeta_amxx_i3 v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 8] Ham Sandwich RUN - hamsandwich_amxx v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 9] CSX RUN - csx_amxx_i386.so v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
[10] CStrike RUN - cstrike_amxx_i38 v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY
10 plugins, 8 running


I checked everything over and over again, but I do not think what is causing this, dlls folder in the booster, is there, the file, the monster too! My Monster plugin is 3.00 (the vittu's post, the release and it will not! I do not know if the problem is some incompatibility, but in my amx log does not say anything, I'm going crazy with it!
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