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[L4D] Viewmodel Blood on Arms and Weapons

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The Renegadist
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Old 09-25-2016 , 19:01   [L4D] Viewmodel Blood on Arms and Weapons
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Hi, so over the last few days I've been struggling with this viewmodel feature and I was hoping AlliedModders could help. Basically I'm trying to recreate a feature from the beta that had blood splatter on the weapons and arms when a zombie was killed within close proximity to the player. Something like this has been done through L4D2 with their melee weapons and Black Mesa with both their melee and their actual firearms.

I tried doing so through .vmt similar to L4D2 and had no luck and I know BM did theirs through source code changes which can't be done in L4D as we don't have the source code, however, if I'm not wrong I think something basic can be done through Sourcemod and it's why I'm here asking for help.

All I'd need is a plugin that runs so when the player shoots or shoves a zombie and they die within a certain range of the player a blood detail would randomly appear on both the weapon used to kill the zombie and the hands. It would be great if there could be a BM like effect where the detail is randomly applied so it isn't in one static spot and shooting more zombies while the weapon was bloody would only make it bloodier and as time goes on each new patch of blood that has been added would slowly fade away from the weapon. Hell, it would be amazing if a dripping effect could be applied when the weapon is completely soaked in blood but I know that's a little too advanced.

Anyhow I sincerely hope something like this can be done because this would be a huge feature(to me) to have in my game and I'd appreciate any help I can get!

Thanks Allied.

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The Renegadist
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Old 09-29-2016 , 07:20   Re: [L4D] Viewmodel Blood on Arms and Weapons
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Anyone? It wouldn't have to be too complicated. Basically when an infected is killed near the player the script points to a detail .vmt that displays the blood on the weapon. You could even trigger the .vmt when the player screen gets blood splashed on it so the script always knows when to fire instead of basing it on distance from the zombie.
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