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Thank you Allied Mod's (and its predecessors)

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Old 04-21-2021 , 22:12   Thank you Allied Mod's (and its predecessors)
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I have donated in the past, but am not in a position to do so right now. But, wanted to acknowledge again the support of and importance this community.

I would just like to thank every what has been involved with any of these projects, which are all either distributed and supported here, or are replaced by things here, or in some other way connected to this community:
  • MetaMod
  • Admin-Mod
  • AMX-Mod
  • AMX-Mod-X (and its many plug-ins)
  • HLStats (and its forks)
  • MetaMod:Source
  • SourceMod (and its many plug-ins)
  • SourceBans
  • SMAC
I've been hosting dedicated servers for Valve games or one sort or another since 1999. And I have leaned heavily on those various tools for over 20 years now.

Many other game systems and come-and-gone in that period of time. Frankly, the continued game-play of most of these Valve games is actually due to tools such as those found here making it possible to keep them going, make them easier to remotely administrate, as well as keep them free of griefers and cheaters.
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