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CS Pug Mod (3.1.1) [11/06/2020]

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Old 05-01-2021 , 11:14   Re: CS Pug Mod (3.1.1) [11/06/2020]
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Hello. All works fine.
But, what about support for PodBot?
It would be cool if we could add bots to the game and they join/leave as players join/leave, this way match wont end because a team quit.
I have PodBot now but they dont move with PugMod ON.

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Old 05-04-2021 , 08:44   Re: CS Pug Mod (3.1.1) [11/06/2020]
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I'm using AMXMODX v1.10 5417, but when some player join in the server, HLDS crash with this message:
PHP Code:
 FATAL ERROR (shutting down): COM_LoadFilebad path name for 
I'm using Linux CentOS 8

meta version
Metamod v1.21p38  2018/02/11 (5:13)
by Will Day
 Patch: Metamod-P (mm-p) v38
 by Jussi Kivilinna
compiled: Feb 11 2018, 11:05:06 EET (optimized)
meta list
Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
 [ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.10.0.  ini   Start ANY
 [ 2] CStrike          RUN   -    cstrike_amxx_i38  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY
 [ 3] FakeMeta         RUN   -    fakemeta_amxx_i3  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY
 [ 4] Ham Sandwich     RUN   -    hamsandwich_amxx  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY
 [ 5] CSX              RUN   -    csx_amxx_i386.so  v1.10.0.  pl1   ANY   ANY
5 plugins, 5 running
amxx plugins
Currently loaded plugins:
       id  name                    version     author            url                              file         status
 [  1] 0   Pug Mod (Anti Flood)  AMXX Dev Team                                      PugFlood.am  running
 [  2] 1   Pug Mod (Admin)         3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugAdmin.am  running
 [  3] 2   CS Pug Mod              3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugCore.amx  running
 [  4] 3   Pug Mod (Configs)       3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugConfig.a  running
 [  5] 4   Pug Mod (Ready System)  3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugReady.am  running
 [  6] 5   Pug Mod (Menus)         3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugMenus.am  running
 [  7] 6   Pug Mod (Warmup)        3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugWarmup.a  running
 [  8] 7   Pug Mod (Stats)         3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugStats.am  running
 [  9] 8   Pug Mod (Vote Vote)     3.1.1       SmileY                                             PugVote.amx  running
9 plugins, 9 running
How i can solve this?

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