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[L4D2] Block manual idle

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Left 4 Dead
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    Stops players from going idle no matter what they use (console, vocalizer, pause menu).
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    No source.
    Old 06-30-2020 , 04:13   [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    Just a small modification I made of the idle fix plugin. Instead of having idle blocked only on certain conditions, in this one it will be fixed for ever. The only way to go idle is to stay afk and have the server put you in it.

    I made this because there is just so much exploits that can be done with it, that the original plugin just was not enough.

    I am not posting the source code because I lost it long time ago, but I still use this compiled version. So just wanted to share for anyone who would like to use it.
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    Old 07-01-2020 , 10:18   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    So when your plugin is loaded, does that mean someone cannot just click 'take a break' & go idle?
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    Old 08-04-2020 , 21:48   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    my plugin is very similar the source code is provided and you can block unblock idle with a cvar
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    Old 09-18-2020 , 16:30   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    Can you or anyone provide a link to said Idle block plugin with the source code as this one was taken down due to no source code.

    thank you.
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    Old 09-19-2020 , 09:06   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    Well I don't know if it would work but try adding

    PHP Code:
    public OnPluginStart()


    PHP Code:
    public Action:Command_AFK(clientargs)


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    Old 09-20-2020 , 12:27   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    Should be using AddCommandListener not RegConsoleCmd. Read the formers API description why.
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    Old 09-20-2020 , 14:39   Re: [L4D2] Block manual idle
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    Here's an example: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...47&postcount=6
    and in case anyone is interested I will shared an antispam version of the idle command, which can help prevent glitches of damage to the player
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